Wednesday, August 01, 2012

World's Best Daughter!

As a freelance editor, I can work a lot out of the house . . . and have been. It's been nice to spend some extra time with my girlie. The downside, with my back, neck, and now, hip issues, I haven't been able to do a lot with her. Not what I'd like, anyway. But, since the news about my hip, she's been a real inspiration. Not only has she been very sympathetic, she goes out of her way to help cheer my mood. For example, last night as I was watching tv, she came down to the computer and recorded a song for me. Like anyone, discussing anything potentially upsetting is difficult. So, she decided to let her feelings be known in song and lyrics . . . and I think it was perfect. So, again I say . . . the world's best daughter.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's all about me

It's like something you'd hear on an episode of House, Avascular Necrosis. When I heard it I knew it was bad. I've done enough medical video to be dangerous. Mostly to myself, of course. Anyway . . . I knew avascular had something to do with blood supply. Necrosis is death. The pain, in my hip. Hoorah, avascular necrosis of the hip. Essentially, for whatever reason, the bloody supply to my hip bone(s) has decreased to a point that the joint bone is dying. This causes inflammation, which causes a lot of pain. A lot. The good news? There's no arthritis in the joint right now. Which means degeneration hasn't gotten to that point yet. The bad news, it likely will. A little will depend on upcoming blood tests. If there's any sign of infection I'll need immediate surgery. If not, a shot in the hip and anti-inflammatories and pain pills to control. Oh, and pretty much stay off of it. Great, I need to look for a skull cane of some sort. The babemate quickly put the kybosh on any generic geriatric Walgreens model. Ok. I can still look cool through this. So, I'm blogging as a means of release. It helps. Talking about just gets everyone upset. I should mention this isn't anything that's gonna kill me. Disable? I'm pretty much already there with my back and neck. I guess my other joints felt left out. The worst thing is that eventually I'll need a hip replacement. You know what's bad about that? Yep. Seen 'em. Videotaped 'em. Damn. That's a harsh procedure. But, one step at a time. First the blood tests to see if there's any infection. The doctor is a little concerned as I developed a staph infection after my ankle surgery . . . and a blood clot in the lungs. Geez. I can't wait! This should be fun.