Monday, August 31, 2009


Continuing with my dribble from my last post . . .

I always got a little blue this time of year. Especially since being out of school . . . yes, some eons ago. I get melancholy. Part of it is certainly just the end of summer. Going back to school, seeing old friends, making news one, it was always an exciting time for me. Not that I long for the days, or are unable to cut the high school umbilical cord and move on, not at all. Just, a time that was once a new start, and lots of good memories.

Part of it are the shorter days. A bit of seasonal anxiety, no doubt. As much as I like fall, fall food, football, and the new TV season, the early darkness just makes the days feel shorter. There's also a let down from summer. Especially with a child, you do so much to take in the nice weather. Virtually every weekend is loaded with fun things to do . . . outside. Between the days getting shorter, cooler, and the kids going back to school suddenly . . . nothing.

Yeah, I know. The fun doesn't have to be over blah blah blah blah blah.

Part of it is what's just around the corner . . . winter. I don't mind winter as a whole. But, parts of it are very . . . taxing. Not so much last year, but two years ago it seemed every time we got our big snow storms it hit during rush hour home. Now, I'm a confident winter driver, and I love my caravan in the snow. But, it takes my travel time from 30 minutes to an hour, and often it's in white knuckle white out conditions. It's nerve wracking.

Speaking of kids, as much as my girlie is ready and wanting to go back to school, I'm not. Sound weird, I know. Just something about sending them off to a new year . . . day in and day out, homework, to bed early, new routines . . . seems unfair.

I suppose I should mention something about how fall and winter dress is less eye catching than summer . . .

Most of all, I guess, is that fall and winter mark the end of another year. It's great and exciting to look upon the new year, but the fact remains, it's another year off a finite number we have. It's up to me to make the most of those, I realize that. But the amount I have left are not.

Depressed, yet? Well, hopefully, like me, you get through it. With fall comes Halloween, my favorite holiday. Soups and stews, football, the new TV seasons of House, Heroes, and whatever news programs there are, school events, the holidays, and, of course, the new year. Yeah, I get a little weird about this time. But, it doesn't last long.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

One of those days

One of those days that feels like it was just wasted away. Things to do, my girlie isn't feeling well, and wanting to make more of the day than we could. That, and school starts next week and the end of summer is near.

Ah well, thank goodness for xanax.

Packers early report

Wow. Last night I watched as the Packer first team scored on every possession in the first half. Save for one missed field goal, I think. They took it to a team that made it to the Superbowl last year. A team with a pretty good offense of their own, and a respectable defense. It was preseason, but it was fun to watch. A few observations.

Brent who?

Grant looks to be back in form. He made some great runs off some great cutbacks. This is good.

Finley . . . holy smokes! Bubba who?

Jennings is clearly the stand out receiver on the team. But, the Packers have got to have the best core of receivers in the league. WIth Jordy stepping up, Finley making plays, Jones coming around . . . Rodgers will have no shortage of people who can catch the ball.

Defensively . . . there's some work that needs to be done. But, talk about going after the ball! I'm very confident this new scheme will work out for them. Plus, going in to this season, what films can other teams watch on the Packers defense? None. The Packers may be new at it, but other teams aren't going to know how to read it at first, either.

This team is now a fast break team. THey're the type of team, I think, that can wear out defenses. Hard to say what's going to happen . . . I'm not making my prediction yet . . . but the Packers look like they can play aggressively for 6 quarters. Which could cause some problems for teams with "older" players.

This could be a fun season.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You have to chuckle

Watching TV last night, I had to turn on Obermann for a bit. First thing out of the gate was Keith and Bernie Sanders talking about the town hall meetings that were being hijacked by a small minority group going off scripts to try and make it seem as though the whole town was against Obummercare. That a small grass roots group was responsible for busing people all over the country to these town hall meetings for this explicit purpose.


Sanders then talked about how the republicans seem to know nothing more than saying No to Obama and that they have no ideas of their own.


Then, this morning I happened across Joel McNally talking to some stooge, again, how the republicans know nothing more than "no", that they have no ideas of their own, and that if you look at their poll numbers, republicans are in real trouble. Of course, there was no mention of the other unfavorable polls on Obama, healthcare, the stimulus, Congress, the dems, cap and tax, etc.


Then, there's the outrage over the depiction of Obama as the Joker from the Dark Knight movie. "Politically mean spirited and dangerous."


Oh man . . . the libs aren't content to be lemmings in their own party. This stuff is hilarious.