Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama and ACORN sitting in a tree . . .

Barack Obama's Campaign is using ACORN, a national organization representing the poor, to register new voters to vote for him. The senator's familiarity with ACORN began in Chicago when he was a community organizer and worked with ACORN staffers. ACORN's history is marked by acts of voter fraud and subsequent criminal convictions arising from these frauds, embezzlement, violent protests and union busting.

Of course, we know all too well of ACORN's doings right here. Once again, Obama's past relationships are not being anywhere near as scrutinized as Palin's.

ACORN receives significant funding by "persuading" local business owners to contribute to it. Its main source of funds, however, is the federal government. It receives federal funds for various community organizing efforts. The revenues from these programs are in the tens of millions of dollars. There is little government oversight over its use of the funds, which is why the founder's brother was able to embezzle almost a million dollars without detection.

The whole article is here. With such a history, you'd think just about any politician would steer clear of this organization . . . or move to cut its funding and dissolve it. But, nooooo . . .

As late as August 2008, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported criminal investigations against at least six ACORN workers who tried to add dead, imprisoned or imaginary people to the voter rolls. The ACORN effort is part of a massive national voter registration drive aimed at the fall presidential election. Democrats have opposed any measures requiring photo identification to register to prevent fraud. In the current financial bailout negotiations going on in Washington, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., are trying to include ACORN as a recipient of federal funds as part of this program.

Nice. I wonder when we would have heard about this? All the more reason the bailout failure was a good thing. So far.

Mr. Obama's repeated calls for reform and integrity in government obviously excludes the street politics and hooligan tactics of ACORN. His campaign and the Democratic Party have adopted an "anything goes to win the presidency" attitude. The absence of major news media coverage of Mr. Obama's relationship with ACORN is equally distressing.

Throw in the "Truth Squad" stuff and you've got a scenario organized crime would be jealous of.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rodgers wants to play

Good news. No structural damage. Additionally, Rodgers has apparently told McCarthy he is going to play.

China Doll, huh?

It could be worse . . . part 2

You could be Owen or James.

Hold on, my hemRomoid itches . . .

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Iron Chef Boxing Match

So, I flipped on Iron Chef tonight just in time to see that Bone Crusher Smith (former boxer) is a judge.

Bone Crusher Smith?

It could be worse

You could be an Eagles fan.

Andy Reid called some of the dumbest plays inside the 10 I've ever seen.

Packers vs Buccaneers


I should just stop right there, but like picking a scab I can't help myself.

They should have won. I don't like to take away from another team, the coaches, and the scheme. But the Packers should have won this game. For the first time this season, they looked bad . . . on various levels.

First, two of Aaron's interceptions were not his fault. Over all, I thought he played pretty well . . . at least as much as McCarthy allowed him to play! Which is my biggest gripe . . . what was with the play calling?!?! This was the most aggravating game so far. What happened to rotating Grant and Jackson? Grant looked lost. He couldn't have found open field in Nebraska.

Thankfully, the defense played pretty well. Still, when the ball comes your way, you have to make the catch. Williams held his own.

Penalties. The day will come when there's a backlash against bad calls. We're close this year. I don't know what to do about it, though.

Anyway, I blame this loss on McCarthy. His insistence on running on EVERY first down was aggravating. Plus, his insistence on running plays that weren't working . . . at all . . . was stupid. I'll be interested to read his post game press conference.

The biggest thing, though, Aaron might have suffered a separated shoulder. Since he seemed to play after it happened, it may not be too bad. There are degrees. Hopefully, there are no tears. Still, I can't imagine he'll start next week. They host the Falcons. While a very win-able game, they need Rodgers.

Now, don't even start with the "made of glass" stuff about Rodgers. I feel he's proven to be a tough guy, able to take a hit. I've seen a lot of players hit the ground the way he did and wind up with the same injury. I think the fact that he played on with what had to have been considerable pain is testament to his toughness.

A hard loss, no question. When I feel aggravated like this, I turn to the other games and consider . . . better than being a Cowboys fan.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Duke in Milwaukee

Finally an answer to the nagging question -- what exactly were they growing down on the Duke Farm?

Tom Wopat, a/k/a Luke Duke, was stopped at the security checkpoint at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. The TSA peeps say they found 1.2 grams of weed.

TSA called the Sheriffs and the good ol' boy got a $500 ticket, which he paid on the spot. We don't believe Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane was behind any of it.

First, why take the chance? What is it with people who think they can get away with carrying everything from weed to guns through airport security and get away with it?

Second, what was Luke Duke doing . . . here?

Rachel Leigh Cook



A perennial cutie. I wish she'd do more. I much prefer her as a brunette with short hair.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Bail Out Newt-ered

Newt says it best:

Beating Stem Cells

Not only is the Obama ad about McCain's stance on stem cell research a ginormous lie, it seems an odd issue to bring up. After all, there have been virtually no advances in the area of ECSR. Partially because of abilities to make other cells act like embryonic cells, and all the advances being made in the area of adult stem cell research.

But, it's a way to scare people. So, the libs do it. Doesn't matter that it's a lie, or practically a moot issue . . . just throw it out there, lie, and make it seem like McCain is standing in the way of diabetes cure . . . and whatever else.

Problem is, if Obama is vying for the southern states, then he's not doing himself any favors. People are against therapeutic cloning as much as they are abortion. So, he's knocking on the wrong doors.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Katy Degeneres

Good stuff.

Lori Drew, Person of the Century

SEPTEMBER 23--The California woman charged with orchestrating a cruel online hoax that led to the suicide of a teenage girl was once so pleased with her prank that she shared details of the ongoing scheme with her hairdresser and other acquaintances, according to prosecutors. During conversations with several individuals, Lori Drew explained how she and others were "playing a joke on" Megan Meier, a 13-year-girl who was a rival of Drew's daughter. That joke involved Drew's creation of a MySpace page for a "Josh Evans," a nonexistent boy who took an online liking to Meier, but then abruptly turned on the girl, telling her on October 16, 2006 that the world would be a better place without her. A distraught Meier committed suicide later that day. In May, Drew was named in a four-count federal indictment charging her with conspiracy and computer fraud in connection with the MySpace scheme. In a court filing yesterday, prosecutors revealed how Drew spoke of the hoax as it was underway, and "denied any untoward purpose and dismissed concerns over her 'prank." An excerpt of the September 22 document can be found below. While Drew appeared proud of her MySpace gambit while it was active, after Meier's suicide she sought to cover her tracks and mask her involvement in the plot. When questioned by FBI agents, Drew said that while she knew of the MySpace hoax, she was not involved in the creation of the phony "Josh Evans" account. Additionally, when agents surreptitiously recorded a conversation between Drew and Meier's mother, Drew "again disclaimed involvement in the scheme." Drew, pictured above, is scheduled for trial next month in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

How proud she and her daughter must be. Out witting a chronically depressed 13 year old girl with a My Space hoax. Such cunning. Drew should work for the CIA! Plus, to execute such a grand scheme with so little emotional involvement . . . truly a gifted predator . . . a black widow in the making. I wonder what's next? Cheating a paper boy out of his money? Using a fraudulent name to buy Girl Scout Cookies? Maybe, swindling a lemonade stand?

Yes. How proud she must be.

Packers vs Cowboys

I just watched a replay of the game. Over all, I thought the Packers did pretty well. Held up well against a good team . . . one that's expected to take the NFC. A few things go our way and it might have been a different outcome.

First, I guess I can't go a week without mentioning Aaron. Again, he did good.

You know, I like James Jones, he seems to have some talent, but he's gotta catch the ball! He has a lot of drops so far this year.

Jennings is wicked good. Number one in receiving yards . . . in the entire league!

I like the tandem of Jackson/Grant. It keeps the running game pounding with fresh feet every so often.

I said this at the begining of the year, for the Packers to have any success, they can't spare bodies . . . particularly on defense. We need Harris, Collins, and Bigby. Harris could be done for the season.

You'll recall, during pre-season, the Packers were blitzing a lot. What happened?

Packers go to Tampa Bay. A win-able game but wiley old quaterbacks always make me nervous. Griese played well, and the Bucs have a good defense. While I expected the Packer to lose against the Cowboys (in spite of my picks) I expect the Pack to beat the Bucs.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pathetic and funny

Here's Madonna pathetically attempting to be cool with a guitar. Between what it sounds like and her apparent attempts to "get off", I guess, this is rather . . . lame. What's funny, though, is she falls on her ass.

People pay money for this and to watch her lip sync?



Rick Derringer is coming to HarvestFest at State Fair.

I'd post Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, but it's a really stupid song.

I know you are but what am I?

Controversial celebrity photographer Jill Greenberg, a self-professed "hard-core Dem," deliberately took a series of unflattering shots of Republican nominee John McCain for the current cover of The Atlantic - and then bragged about it on a blog.

Visit Her Blog Here

Greenberg, known for her heavily retouched pics of apes and babies, boasted to Photo District News that she submitted photos of the Arizona senator to the mag while barely airbrushing them.

"I left his eyes red and his skin looking bad," she boasted.

Greenberg also crowed that she had tricked McCain into standing over a strobe light placed on the floor - turning the septuagenarian's face into a horror show of shadows.

Asking McCain to "please come over here" for a final shot, Greenberg pretended to be using a standard modeling light.

The resulting photos depict McCain as devilish, with bulging brows and washed-out skin.

"He had no idea he was being lit from below," Greenberg said, adding that none of his entourage picked up on the light switch either. "I guess they're not very sophisticated," she said.

The Atlantic opted not to use the distorted McCain shot on its cover, selecting instead a more straightforward portrait.

"We stand by the picture we are running on our cover," said Atlantic editor James Bennet. "We feel it's a respectful portrait. We hope we'll be judged by that picture."

But Bennet was appalled by Greenberg saying she tried to portray McCain in an unflattering way.

"We feel totally blind-sided," he said. "Her behavior is outrageous. Incredibly unprofessional."

Greenberg later decided to use some of the images she was assigned to take to make a political statement.

Her Web site now features a series of Photoshopped pics of McCain in some highly unflattering poses - including one that has a monkey squirting dung onto the Republican candidate's head.

Another one reads "I am a bloodthirsty warmongerer," with McCain retouched to have needle-sharp shark teeth and a vicious grin, while licking blood-smeared lips.

Greenberg was unapologetic about the assignment.

"Some of my artwork has been pretty anti-Bush, so maybe it was somewhat irresponsible for [The Atlantic] to hire me."

Editor Bennet said, "We don't vet our photographers by their politics."

In a statement yesterday, Greenberg added, "The pictures speak for themselves. I took the opportunity to create an image which shows my feelings about the Republican administration and possible continuation of the policies of the Bush/Cheney White House."

How old is this woman? Eight? I take that back. I know a lot of eight year olds and this would be insulting to them. Five, perhaps? I'm surprised she didn't have one of her assistants kneel behind him so she could push him over.

Your compassionate left, folks. Liars, cheaters, amoral, and childish.

Lori Drew, cyber bully, moving

The woman charged in a MySpace hoax that allegedly led to a 13-year-old girl's suicide is moving out of her Missouri neighborhood to an undisclosed location.

Lori Drew and her family have decided to leave their Dardenne Prairie, Mo., home and will move within a week, according to a report in the St. Charles Journal.

"I don't honestly know where we are going," Drew, 49, told the paper.

A federal judge in California is weighing a possible dismissal of the charges against Drew in connection with the hoax that led to the 2006 suicide of her teen neighbor Megan Meier.

Drew is accused of helping to create a false-identity account on the social networking site MySpace and harassing the teen with cruel messages in order to find out what Megan was saying about her own daughter. The girls had had a recent falling out.

Drew is scheduled to appear in federal court in Los Angeles on Oct. 7.

"I wish it would have happened a long time ago," Megan's father, Ron Meier, said of the Drews' move. "Hopefully, the next time I ever see them again is Oct. 7 and no more from then on."

Meier told the Journal that neighbors had informed him of the move.

The paper reported that the Drews had lowered the asking price of their home to $229,900. It was unclear whether the house had been sold or was still under contract.

While I understand the ramifications of this case, and the fact that they can't directly charge Lori Drew with murder, I hope her life is forever inconvenienced like this. A true low life scumbag.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Study confirms pounding nails in skull could hurt

Texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than driving while under the influence of alcohol or cannabis, researchers said Thursday.
Research carried out on young drivers (aged 17-24) using a simulator found that reaction time slowed by 35% when they were writing or reading text messages while driving. In comparison, reaction time deteriorated by 21% for those under the influence of cannabis, and by 12% at the legal alcohol limit.

Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) -- which carried out the study for the RAC Foundation -- also found that steering control worsened by 91% for those who were distracted by texts, compared to 35% when cannabis was involved.

The tests also showed that texters were less able to maintain safe distances from other cars and they tended to drift out of their lane more often.

RAC Foundation director Stephen Glaister said the research "clearly shows that a motorist who is texting is significantly more impaired than a motorist at the legal limit for alcohol."

TRL researcher Nick Reed added: "When texting, drivers are distracted by taking their hand off the wheel to use their phone, by trying to read small text on the phone display, and by thinking about how to write their message. This combination of factors resulted in the impairments to reaction time and vehicle control that place the driver at a greater risk than having consumed alcohol to the legal limit for driving."

I need to submit a for a grant. Something more along the lines of measuring breast bounce against various bra manufacturers. No bra being the baseline, of course. If I could link it to a health issue . . . incidents of strained necks of adult males, running in to other people, tripping. It could actually lead to new labels and warnings.

Whaddaya think? 3 years? 5 years? 10?

Getting paid to suck

September 18, 2008 (Computerworld) The long, oft-baffling "teaser" ads" by Microsoft Corp. featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates that kicked off two weeks ago are abruptly ending, the company said late Wednesday, as Part 2 of its $300 million Windows marketing rehab campaign begins

What a surprise. FIrst, the point of the spots was very out there. "Moist, chewy cake?" What? But, that wasn't the biggest problem. Jerry wasn't funny, and I thought the pace of the ads could have been quicker. But, that wasn't the biggest problem. The problem was Gates. He can't play himself.

So, now they're going to fix it.

Carrying the theme "Windows. Life without walls," the new ads will show Microsoft "audaciously embracing" the phrase "I'm a PC" -- which has been so successfully tarnished by Apple Inc.'s ads during the past two years -- in order to rehabilitate it, reported The New York Times.

One of the new commercials will even show a real Microsoft engineer who is a ringer for John Hodgman, the actor who plays the abused PC character in the Apple ads, introducing himself: "Hello, I'm a PC, and I've been made into a stereotype," according to the Times.

Apple has been "using a lot of their money to de-position our brand and tell people what we stand for," a Microsoft brand marketing manager told the Times. Microsoft wants "to take back that narrative," he continued, and "have a conversation about the real PC."

More than 60 Microsoft employees will appear in the ads, along with their e-mail addresses. Bill Gates, who was in the controversial first two ads, will show up in the subsequent ones, along with celebrities such as actress Eva Longoria, author Deepak Chopra and hip-hop singer Pharrell Williams.

In other words, they're going to copy Apple . . . again. Nice. As I've said, I'd start with making the product not suck. Microsoft has been forever a "lipstick on a pig" type of company. They, like Apple, need to rewrite their OS from the ground up.

The new ad won't help. It will look like another attempt to simply rip off something Apple has already done.

Kat Deluna

Pop sensation? Wouldn't someone have heard of her? Just what we need, another jblow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Arctic Ice

WASHINGTON (AP) — Crucial Arctic sea ice this summer shrank to its second lowest level on record, continuing an alarming trend, scientists said Tuesday.

The ice covered 1.74 million square miles on Friday, marking a low point for this summer, according to NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. Last summer, the sea ice covered only 1.59 million square miles, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1979.

Arctic sea ice, which floats on the ocean, expands in winter and retreats in summer. In recent years it hasn't been as thick in winter.

Sea ice is crucial to worldwide weather patterns, both serving as a kind of refrigerator and reflecting the sun's heat. Given recent trends, triggered by man-made global warming, scientists warn that within five to 10 years the Arctic could be free of sea ice in the summer.

Even though the sea ice didn't retreat this year as much as last summer, "there was no real sign of recovery," said Walt Meier of the snow and ice data center. This year was cooler and other weather conditions weren't as bad, he said.

"We're kind of in a new state of the Arctic basically, and it's not a good one," Meier said. "We're definitely sliding towards a point where the summer sea ice will be gone."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 1.74 million square miles larger than 1.59 million square miles? And if that's the case, isn't "trend" a bit misleading at this point?

Could it be that the "trend" has ended and the ice melt is starting to slow? You'll remember we were told the ice would completely melt this summer. Didn't happen. We were told the polar bears are in decline as a result of the ice melt. In fact, their numbers have grown.

Speaking of the polar bears, I found this article to dispute the "growing population" claim (emphasis, mine):

Answer from Dr. Derocher: The various presentations of biased reporting ignore, or are ignorant of, the different reasons for changes in populations. If I thought that there were more bears now than 50 years ago and a reasonable basis to assume this would not change, then no worries. This is not the case.

The bottom line here is that it is an apples and oranges issue. The early estimates of polar bear abundance are a guess. There is no data at all for the 1950-60s. Nothing but guesses. We are sure the populations were being negatively affected by excess harvest (e.g., aircraft hunting, ship hunting,self-killing guns, traps, and no harvest limits). The harvest levels were huge and growing. The resulting low numbers of bears were due only to excess harvest but, again, it was simply a guess as to the number of bears.

After the signing of the International Agreement on Polar Bears in the 1970s, harvests were controlled and the numbers increased. There is no argument from anyone on this point. Some populations recovered very slowly (e.g., Barents Sea took almost 30 years) but some recovered faster. Some likely never were depressed by hunting that much, but the harvest levels remained too high and the populations subsequently declined. M'Clintock Channel is a good example. The population is currently down by over 60% of historic levels due only to overharvesting. Some populations recovered as harvests were controlled, but have since declined due to climate-related effects (e.g., Western Hudson Bay). In Western Hudson Bay, previously sustainable harvests cannot be maintained as the reproductive and survival rates have declined due to changes in the sea ice.

At this point, we lack quantitative data for an overall assessment of trend in Canada or Nunavut as a whole. There is, however, very strong evidence for a decline in Western Hudson Bay and the Southern Beaufort Sea based on quantitative studies. More recently, scientists working in the Southern Hudson Bay have reported a major decline in the condition of polar bears. A decline in condition was the precursor to the population decline in Western Hudson Bay. There is clear suggestion of a population decline due to over-harvest in Baffin Bay, Kane Basin and possibly Norwegian Bay.

The point is that you cannot simply summarize the status of polar bears—the information lies in the individual populations. You cannot put the various time periods together into a simplistic overview. Sea ice is declining but again, it is not declining the same everywhere. Some small areas of multi-year ice may improve habitat for polar bears. This latter point, however, does not mean that the habitat in all areas will improve and the predictions are very clear that the primary habitat of polar bears is at risk.

So, there is no data from early on so we assume the worst case scenario.

Typical envirocrat double talk.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

San Diego at Denver

I picked San Diego so I am a little biased. But, how that wasn't a fumble by Cutler late in the game is beyond me. His arm certainly was not going forward. The ball came out on his back swing. Did the rules change?

Looked like a great game. Still, I think the Chargers got hosed.

Packers vs Lions

Wow. What a difference a minute can make.

No matter how hard core nuts you are about Favre, you have to be impressed with Rodgers. He played extremely well today. Accurate. Composed.

Credit the Lions for making it a bit of a game there . . . for a minute. I blame McCarthy for much of the stagnant third quarter. No question the Lions had made some adjustments. But, the conservative play calling was all Mike.

What I liked about Aaron's performance is how well he spread the ball around. He hit 7 different receivers including a touchdown to the rookie Gordy Nelson. Nice.

Defense played well. We held the Lions to 49 yards rushing. We let Johnson get away from us a couple of times. Over all, though, holding the Lions to 25 points isn't bad. 5 sacks. Two by AJ.

Kampman, KGB. AJ, Barnette. It's going to be a broken record.

Obviously, Woodson made up for the blown coverage. Though, you can't win them all.

The Bears and Vikings both lost after being up in their games. This puts the Pack solely in first place.

Cowboys are next.

UPDATE: Rodgers is number 4 this week with passing yards. Jennings, number one!

(So far)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

MTV Green? Not in the environmental sense.

From TMZ:

Contrary to the goals of the MTV's current Green Crusade, the most recent MTV "Real World/Road Rules" challenge -- which has yet to air -- seems to pit competing teams against each other in an effort to wreak the most havoc on Panamanian rainforests.

The devastation left behind once the shoot wrapped, was described in a recent article from the Tree Climber's Coalition. They say MTV left the formerly pristine area riddled with trash, unstruck sets, and even discarded scripts for the so-called "reality" series.

Apparently when MTV execs see green, they're not looking at the environment.

Calls to MTV were not immediately returned.

From Tree Climbers Coalition.Org:

Now, it can legitimately be argued that all of this, being on privately owned property, was subject to the whim of the property owner and any agents to whom the owner might have given permission to do whatever they wished. Nevertheless I can assure all of you that had this been done in any urban/suburban neighborhood, almost anywhere else, the neighbors would have been justified in entering a legal complaint against the landowner. A large plot of rainforest had been cleared, a pristine Caribbean beach had been trashed, and the creators had simply packed up and left. A family of what appeared to be "squatters" had already moved into one of the buildings left behind.

So just what have we had here?

First, a crowd of people that have shown no respect at all for local culture and custom, their attitude proclaiming the idea that "We are more important than any of you, don't need you, and can do whatever we want. We don't even have to acknowledge your presence."

Second, a TV entity that wants to fool the world with a reality show supposedly taking place on a deserted and remote tropical island, that, in fact, has houses within several hundred yards on either side of their production site, and is on an island that is the hottest tourist spot in almost all of Panama.

Third, a group that leaves its trash on the side of the road with no regard for the natural beauty of the place.

Fourth, a group that will indiscriminately cut down whatever part of the forest is necessary in order to accommodate its objective, whether for construction or simply because it might be in the way.

Fifth, A group that set foot and conducted activities on a small and protected island without regard for the fact that the island has been declared "off-limits" to human visitation.

Sixth, their low-flying helicopter and airplane was a serious interruption of the tranquility of the forest. There are a lot of monkeys and birds inhabiting this part of the forest and every time the helicopter would come over, these local residents would become seriously agitated. I doubt that MTV knew, or cared, that these animals were there.

Seventh, they left without cleaning up the mess they had created.

Eighth, they did all of this with the obvious cooperation of the Policia Nacional.

Ninth, MTV's behavior in this situation has been rampantly inconsistent with their self-proclaimed "MTV Green Crusade". I sense a bit of hypocrisy and I question their commitment toward being "green".

Article and pictures here.

How nice. I'm gonna sit back and wait for all the Big Oil haters to come forth and protest. I'm gonna sit back and wait for all the envirocrats to call for a boycott of MTV's The Real World/Road Rules programs. I'm gonna sit back and wait for the Sierra Club to issue a statement condemning MTV and it's TV crews.

But I'm not gonna hold my breath.


This past Tuesday morning, my wife and daughter showed up at my work. I knew my daughter wasn't feeling well and might have stayed home from school. Odd they would come all the way to West Bend for anything, though.

Well, they wanted to tell me in person that my brother had passed away.

Two years older than me, my brother, Billy, was born brain damaged. He was also cerebral palsy. One of the only reasons I'm here is that my father wanted a healthy boy.

Billy created many challenges for my parents. But, as the years went on he would grow in to a unique individual. Capable of emotion, desire, friendship, and love.

His mental retardation (I'm sorry. That's what I call it) was severe. He was trainable, but not educable. He couldn't read or write, count money, or tell time. As such, his was a life that would be in need forever.

It was tough for me when we were young. Kids were cruel. Fortunately, those in our neighborhood learned to accept him. He was always part of "the gang". In fact, not much for wanting, all he did want was to be accepted. To be part of everyone else's world.

He enjoyed music. He loved Elvis. Coincidentally, Elvis died on his birthday.

He worked most of his adult life in sheltered workshops. He was a good employee and well liked by the staffs. While he didn't understand the amount of money he earned, he understood what money was. It gave him a real sense of pride to get a paycheck. Little though it was.

In spite of his palsy, he learned to ride a bike before I did. One time when a bully took my teddy bear, Billy clothes lined him off his bike and retrieved my teddy. While I always watched over him, he was protective of me.

While he was easily contented, the fact remained, he would need care for all of his life. When the days came for my sister and I to leave the house, Billy remained.

As everyone aged, it became clear, however, that it would become difficult for my parents to continue his care. My dad had developed Parkinson's and my mom has bad arthritis. My sister, who had moved to Arizona some time ago, decided to take Billy in. She had room and the resources. It was a tough decision for my parents. So much so, they moved to Arizona to be close to him. That was about 12 years ago.

Billy had some behavioral problems. It was difficult on my sister . . . and her husband. Quite a life change. But she and her husband were committed to making it work. It turned out to be the best decision. My parents continued to be with Billy, and Billy got the care and structure he needed to make things easier for him and everyone else.

About a year and a half ago, Billy got sick with a cold. He didn't get sick often, but when he did, it really seemed to take a lot out of him. He would become very lethargic. This time, however, he was virtually catatonic. It made caring for him extremely difficult. So much so, that my sister had no choice but to call 911 and have him taken to a hospital.

What should have been a couple of days in the hospital turned out to be a lengthy stay with Billy in critical condition for a couple of days. Turns out, his red cell count and his oxygen levels were dangerously low. Accounting,we think, for his lethargy in the past. Who knows how long this had been going on? His normal physicals were always fine.

After a couple of weeks in the hospital, Billy got better but couldn't walk. He was transferred to a care facility to undergo physical therapy. Four weeks later and he was able to walk with the aid of a walker.

Tough decision had to be made.

Without the ability for Billy to do the simple things necessary to help take care of himself, another living arrangement would have to be found. It was a tough time for my sister. She badly wanted Billy to stay, but like my parents years ago, found herself unable.

Billy had become virtually deaf. He was blind in one eye. He had arthritis but it's difficult to know how bad. He simply couldn't translate the things that went on in his body to words that one could understand. Much remains a mystery.

Complex ordeal and long story short, she found a group home near her house that would take him. The question now would be . . . would he accept it?

He did. Beautifully. He probably felt the most grown up he ever has. He had his own room, TV, and 5 room mates. He was able to return to work. He was content. My mom would visit about once a week, and my sister would visit every few days.

This past weekend my sister and her husband spent the day with him. They went to dinner at a cowboy type restaurant and he had a great time. The next day, he came down with a cold. My sister spent some time with him, went to the store to pick up some medicines, and tried to make him comfortable. He was alert and responsive. He cried, though. Again, hard to know what his body was telling him. He stayed home from Work on Monday. My sister checked in regularly and left instructions to check Billy regularly and report back to her. All day the news was uneventful.

Tuesday, about 3 in the morning, the staff was at my sister's door step, crying.

Mentally retarded people don't live to be real old. Age had definitely taken it's toll on Billy. Still, this was a shock. To go from one day happy and smiling, to the next day gone is rough. Especially for my mom since my dad passed just 4 months ago.

In his own way, Billy touched a lot of lives. He helped teach tolerance, patience, and humility. His was a life completely untouched by cynicism, greed, preconception, and resentment. I believe much of who I am is a result of Billy being my brother.

I love you, Billy. Rest in peace.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Never forget.

To forget would be to become complacent. Thus allow ourselves to become vulnerable.

To forget would be arrogant. Assuming without policy this couldn't happen again is dangerous.

To forget would be selfish. To live in a free society, we all bare some responsibility.

To forget would isolate. United We Stand isn't just rhetoric. We all, in some way, take part in our democracy.

To forget would devalue life. People lives were determined by those who wish to undermine our freedom. Those who died should be honored.

To forget diminishes the value of our freedom. Our freedom is a result of those who answer the call to defend our flag, and our country and it's people. It's a call that places duty before question, commitment before desire, honor before self.

Our nation didn't just come to be. It was formed by those with a vision for a great nation, and by those willing to fight for it.

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.

Samuel Adams


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reasoning with lemmings

A few thoughts on the campaign.

First, it's interesting that the left continues to go after Palin's experience. Though, it has quieted some. Mostly as it's backfiring. More to the point, why are we comparing the left's PRESIDENTIAL candidate to the right's VICE PRESIDENTIAL candidate? They can't go head to head with McCain as he has 5 times (or so) the tenure Obama does.

Then there are all the lies. The baby, the pictures, the book banning, cutting funding, etc. The left is awfully quick to jump on claims with no fact checking. I'm often late on some of my opinions. This is why. Be it on the right or left, I find it a good idea to let a day or so pass while actual facts present themselves.

Recently, lefty bloggers have been on about specific issues during Palin's watch and how they're in direct opposition to her stance. Thus making her a liar. This makes me laugh. First, they all spin the truth. Obama's speech was no more truthful than was McCain's. But, that's not the point. Again, they all either stretch the truth or conveniently omit certain facts.

For example, Doyle used his veto powers to craft a budget more in line with what the republicans wanted some months ago. Does that mean he's turning tighty righty? Of course not. Could a lefty use that against him? Sure. Would it be fair? No. Well, yes in that any slam on Jim let-me-say-one-thing-then-turn-around-and-do-something-else would be fine with me.

You get the point.

Which is, we all allow "fudging" by our candidate. We can harp on about this or that and the other side simply won't care. Then the hypocrisy charges fly and blah blah blah blah blah.

Fact is, I like McCain/Palin. They are in line with my political leanings. McCain is not quite conservative enough, Palin a little too much so. There's a good balance for me. The other fact, Obama and Biden are liberals. There are a scant few things we're going to see eye to eye on.

For all the ragging about Palin's record, past, and experience, here's a news flash . . . VP's don't draft legislation. Oh, and the whole "heart beat away" thing . . . president's don't draft legislation. They can suggest, sign, and veto. That's about it.

Which isn't to say the president and vice president don't affect how the country is run. They do. But, whether you want to believe Palin was a "tax and spender" as Mayor or not, it in a way, doesn't make any difference. She signed on with some promises to help govern a particular way. That "way" is in line with conservative republicans. The past isn't meaningless. But I find it interesting that the left will harp on about her "record" then turn around and say she doesn't have the experience to be VP.

Wouldn't that mean she doesn't have much of a record to go on?

Celebridiot of the day

"I think there is a really good chance that Sarah Palin could president. And I think that's a really scary thing because I don't know anything about her. I don't think in eight weeks I'm going to know anything about her."

That comes from Matt Damon. Watch the video clip here.

Hey Matt, here's a thought . . .


If you're going to be an as . . . have an opinion, have an informed opinion. Don't believe internet smear. Don't believe trash. Find out before opening your pie hole and making yourself look an an idiot.


Lipstick on a Pig

No. I don't think Obama was referring to Sarah Palin as a pig. I also think the media is blowing this waaaay out of proportion, and focusing on things that have little to do with anything.

But . . .

There are a number of ways the point could have been made. A vast number. Obama chose to use the "lipstick" line. While I'm willing to cut him some slack, I just don't think it was very smart to use that particular saying. Didn't he think people would take it as a reference to Sarah? In some way?

Or . . .

Could it be Obama knew full well what he was doing and used it to draw attention to himself? To give himself a stage?

You can put a suit on a panderer, but he's still a panderer.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lemming talk

If McCain voted in line with his party 95% of the time, but Obama voted in line with his party 97% of the time . . . isn't Obama more more of the same than McCain? More of the same failing congress? More of the same out of touch with voters? More of the same liberalness?

Of course, when Obama talks of change, the left believes him. In spite of that pesky little voting record thingy. When McCain speaks of change, he's lying.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Packers 24 - Vikings 19

Are You Ready For Some Football!

First off . . .




Yes, I realize I often scold such behavior as childish, rude, and un-sportsman-like.

Tough. It's the trash talking, spend millions to beat the Packers, think they're just gonna walk in and beat us Viqueens.

OWNED! 0 and 5!

How many times did we hear Jared Allens name?

Zip. Nada. Zero. None. Not at all.

We blew a hole in their line so big, Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell could have run through it hand in hand.

OK. It was ugly. The penalties! Crimeny! Especially to have such a beautiful touchdown called back. Laps and push ups, guys. Laps and push ups.

While I thought McCarthy called a pretty good game over all, not throwing a pass on first down on their second to last possession was playing to lose. Also, if you're going to throw a quick out to a receiver, bring someone in motion to take the DB out!

Rodgers had a good game. 18/22 for 178 yards. No interceptions, a great toss for a touchdown, no sacks, and s few nice runs. He never once looked like a rookie. I thought he handled the game very well.

Barnett, Hawk, and Popinga. You're gonna hear a lot from these guys. Maybe the best linebacking trio in football.

Bigby. Go to the board and write: "I will not try and make a play when the game is won" 100,000 times.

Frost did a good job. a 50 yarder and one that landed inside the 20. Can't ask for much more.

Finally, no injuries. We live to play another game. Next up, we go to Detroilet to play the Lions.

My daughter is in training

Now that my daughter is back at school, it's time to get serious. Oh, for the most part, she does alright. In most cases the wife and I don't even have to ask. Every now and then, however, there's a little resistance.

Well, forget it. It's before school, it's after school . . . I'll wake her in the middle of the night with a stick and a garbage can cover, if I have to, she's getting this right!

Three times a day . . . 30 minutes each. People don't become great playing on Webkinz or watching reruns of Zack and Cody. There isn't much time, anymore. Anymore lip and I'll stuff her little pie hole with a . . .


She practically humiliated me two years ago at the Cedarburg Fall Festival's Grape Spitting Contest. Can't use being 6 years old forever!

It ain't happening again. That sparkling grape juice is MINE!

I mean, Jamie's.

(Jamie! Put those books away. Time to spit!)

First sort of cold, damp, fall-ish day

What I love about days like this . . . is food!

Best lunch choice for a cold damp day like today?

A Marie Calendar's Beef Pot Pie.

Stews, soups, and chili. No better way to combat fall and winter weather.

24 years of fun

Today is my (our) 24th wedding anniversary. My wife, Jackie, is my best friend. Long ago, after about a year of dating, I decided to make it difficult for her to leave me. In the legal sense, anyway. While we both have debated the whole state line boundary thing to marriage, we have both come home to each other. Kinda like playing with a baby but giving it back to the parents at the end of the day. No changing poopy diapers for us. Which is symbolism for emotional shit.

Anyway, aside from the convenient groping, leching, and "hey, while you're up . . . ", I love my wife. More than anything else, we laugh. We don't act our age. We snark. We get a lot from a little. We love our daughter. And, we're good parents.

Jackie reads my Maxim's, She used to read my Playboys (when I had a subscription). She pointed out the nice butt on the Harley at the Harley parade . . . then commented what a nice shot I took of it. She fishes. She likes football. She's a great cook.

Not so good at being neat.

She's a valued employee. She's been with the same company for 18 years! As such, she can take summers off to be with our daughter. She's a Girl Scout leader. She camps. She has a great personality and is well liked. She has a lot of friends.

Mostly, she's mine. Forever.

I love you, honey. Happy Anniversary!

(Ooh. I gotta get to the store!)

Sunday, September 07, 2008


FIrst, Russell Brand is a douchebag.

Not because of his stupid political remarks . . . just because. I got sick of watching and listening to him. Being funny would have helped.

Well, I said in a previous post that being fat, drunk, and stupid IS no way to go through life. I might be wrong about that. Britney cashed in with 2 or 3 awards. Not sure for what, but it shows me just ow stupid the public is.

Christina Aguilera entered Madonna land with a lip synced performance. Pretty sure she was the only one. Song was OK, though.

The Jonas Brothers seemed a bit out of place. Not quite ready for mature music, but I thought their performance was good.

Paramore was OK. Not my favorite song.

There were awards. The Best New Artist category was dominated by females including Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Tokio Hotel took the honors.

My favorite performance? Pink with So What live. It was pretty cool:

Once again, thank goodness for the DVR.

Quick hits

Heart wants the Republicans to stop using Barracuda. The original songwriter feels otherwise. The convention paid the ASCAP fees and the writer gets a royality every time the song is played. The writer is going to donate the profits to the Democratic party. As such, the Republicans are supporting the Democrats!

For the second time, experts have lowered their predictions as to the sea rise due to global warming. What happened? Did Mike Moore get out?

Favre scored a touchdown on a 4th and 13 leading the Jets to a victory over the Dolphins. Shit.

No Oops I Did It Again for Brtiney. The VMA's open with a Britney sketch . . . no song. I guess drunk fat and stupid IS no way to go through life.

Friday, September 05, 2008

My birthday is coming up

I decided to register for gifts for my birthday. I figure it will make shopping for me easier. I chose two places. The first:


The second:

Hammacher Schlemmer.

There are two items I really want.

The complete Swiss Army Knife

This baby goes for a mere $1500. Nice. A bit much for the pocket, but talk about a tool Tim Allen would love.

14 mph Cooler

This thing is a steal at $500. All those walks to . . . where ever . . . hauling your cooler? This is perfect for me and my back problems. Plus, I'd be the first one there. I could help reserve a spot! There's also a seat that fits to the top.

So, there ya go. You've got a month yet. So, take a collection, pool the money, and order away. Believe it or not, HS is sold out of the Swiss Army WMD! So, order now!

And there's always ATM.

So, what's the point?

The whole issue of p2p file sharing conflicts me some. On the one hand, there are copyright laws, on the other hand, what better way to obtain music?

I jest. The fact is, though, sharing has been going on since recording devices have been available. People go to the library and freely copy pages out of a book. What the difference? We've copied albums (ancient vinyl disky thingy with grooves you put on a turntable that contacted this needly thingy that created sound) to cassettes (ancient plastic coated spool material . . . ah, never mind). We've copied CD's (we're getting in to modern times now). Why the huge crack down now?

Of course, the internet and the mp3 format . . . plus, file sharing programs make it much easier, faster, and more prevalent than ever before. Artists and the RIAA claim losses in the millions to file sharing networks. The reasons for that are easy:

First, it's crappy music. If the industry would stop manufacturing the next skank artist, boy band, or crackhead poet with a guitar, maybe sales would rise and people wouldn't file share as much.

Second, and this is soooooo easy . . . lower the price of the frikin' CD! $17 for a CD for some slut with her finger in her mouth cover and maybe one decent song? Get real. The industry could lower the price to $5, still make money, and people would file share as much.

But, those aren't the reasons for the crackdown. The reason is . . .

because file sharers can be caught.

The same technology that allows for sharing in the first place also helps catch those engaged in sharing. I suppose it's a little ironic. The question is, has it worked?

Not so well, according to this article:

File Sharing Lawsuits at a Crossroads, After 5 Years of RIAA Litigation

Again, there are copyright laws. But lets get real. First, I think it's goofy to go after individuals simply adding to their playlist when you've got operations in back rooms in New York making PROFITS selling bootleg copies of music and movies. Plus, the fines are outrageous. You can't sue for money someone doesn't have and expect to get it. Sure, you can lock them up, but that still doesn't get you the money. That's the point, isn't it?

Settlement payments can be made on a website, where the funds are used to sue more defendants. None of the money is paid to artists.

What?! Isn't that what that little worm from Metallica was all on about? The loss of money from file sharing? What's the point, then?

Add to that the questionable tactics used by the RIAA to obtain information and we've got problems.

Now, I don't condone file sharing. I wouldn't recommend it. While there seem to be some gray areas defining legality, I wouldn't take the chance. The RIAA and dopes like Lars need to come to grips with the technology. Look at what Apple has done. It took years for labels and artists to follow suit. Now, mp3 downloads are all over the place. The RIAA is living in a time when "illegal" downloads were the only thing available.

But critics of the RIAA say it's time for the music industry to stop attacking fans, and start looking for alternatives. Fred von Lohmann, a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says the lawsuits are simply not reducing the number of people trading music online.

"If the goal is to reduce file sharing," he says, "it's a failure."


Web sites to check out

I thought the girl in the Palin/McCain video below looked familiar. It's been a while. She's Lisa Nova. She's a babe, she works in video (I believe) and she's very funny. Check her out:

Lisa Nova's YouTube page.

While there you'll notice a link to 180.com. Also a very funny site. I've got some ideas and hope to post something there . . . in the near future.

Check them both out.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

And so it starts

The fall TV season, that is!

Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey! Woo hoo!

Someone's gonna get Gordon'ed tonight, I'm sure.

Wish it wasn't network TV.

The left lunatics

I got this from a blog at the Huffington Post. Everyone should visit this site and see just how the other side thinks. Be forwarned, though, it's frightening.

Anyway, a reader in response to a blogger supporting McCain/Palin wrote this:

All nastiness aside, as a McCain voter you are really saying you are fan of:
a) unregulated businesses like the mortgage industry
b) WAR (Irag, Iran, Russia in the cold variety)
c) torture
d) diminished american incomes
e) oil company subsidies
f) wealth 99% of US wealth in the hands of 1% of US citizens

or you are against:
a) wildlife conservation
b) outreach for the poor
c) community activism
d) government competence
e) the constitution
f) thoughtful diplomacy with the international community
g) finding Bin Laden and securing Afghanistan

These people think they're right on all of this. More intelligent people know otherwise, but this is the problem.

I really try not to be overly generalized in my views. I kid, I'm snarky, but the reality is that I know there's often a middle ground to many an issue. Having said that, let's have some fun with this.

In response to being for:

a) No. I'd much rather have businesses regulated to the point of death and that's where we're heading with a socialist like Obama.
b) (I love this one) No. But I am for someone with the stones to stand up to threat.
c) Actually, yes. Unless you'd rather sell secrets and put our armed forces at risk when at war.
d) No. But as long as we regulate businesses to death and allow anyone and their generation in to the country I'm not sure how anyone will fix this.
e) See a
f) There will always be class disparity. The only way to fix it is to educate and allow for opportunity. Every democrat speaker in their speech talked about how hard they worked to get where they are. Not one of them mentioned the cool government programs that helped them. That's actually a good lesson to be learned.

In response to being against:

a) I assume this has to do with domestic drilling. Funny how we're not concerned about wildlife when building acres of of solar and wind farms. Plus, the polar bear population has grown in the past couple of decades.
b) If you mean higher taxes for entitlement programs, yes. See "f" above.
c) If it means an empty suit like Obama can't use it as experience, yes, I'm against it.
d) Like the current congress? YES!
e) No. I'm against liberal judges, though.
f) Good luck with that.
g) You know we have troops in Afghanistan, right? The first thing we did after 911 was put a big hole where we thought Bin Laden was. Remember that?

The liberal mentality is one of idealism. Liberals don't deal in the real world. It often sounds good but it's wrong or unrealistic.

But, like a Juice-a-matic 9000, people buy in to it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gulliani & Palin

Holy moses! These two didn't just rip Obama a new a-hole . . . they enlarged it, wallpapered it, and peppered it with McCain/Palin buttons!


Rudy is a good speaker. We all know that. And while he has his baggage, he still a guy who delivers a confident message. What many of us weren't so sure of, was Sarah's ability to deliver her message.

She did.

And some.

She was confident, funny, well spoken, and unafraid. She went after Obama right away. She answered her critics. She also showed her true maverick side. I loved the constant digs at Obama's "community organizer" cred. It reeeeealy made it look small, and goofy.

She and McCain truly represent change . . . bucking the washington machine, the washington country club politicians.

I thought she nailed it.

Sarah Palin's first week

What we "have" on Sarah thus far:

Troopergate (turns out it's legitimate)

Babygate (Lies)

Her pregnant daughter and abstinence (Smear tactic)

DUI her husband received 20 years ago (smear tactic)

Her association with Independent party 20 years ago (Non-issue)

Raised taxes as Mayor (Watching after her city at the time)

"Paper thin" resume (Not compared to Obama)

The vetting process (Reaching)

What am I missing?


Jerimiah Wright (known associate)

The Weather Underground (known association with terrorist group)

Voting record on abortion (known)

Rezko dealing (known)

Ties with communist party when younger (known, perhaps not relevant)

Paper thin resume . . . for president. (debatable by some, but no actual executive experience).

Seriously. Which "dirt" is more substantive?

Sarah Palin's daughter vs Michelle Obama

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Obama himself get all huffy when the right and media went after Michelle?

What's changed?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Is McCain Palin's Bitch?

This is pretty funny:

"In a world . . . " no more.

LOS ANGELES — Don LaFontaine, the man behind the chilling voice in various movie trailers and commercials, died Monday, his agent said. He was 68.

LaFontaine died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles of complications from a collapsed lung, ETOnline reported. The official cause of death, however, was not immediately released.

LaFontaine's vocal talents have appeared in over 5,000 movie trailers and nearly 350,000 commercials. He is most famous for the introductory line, "In a world..."

Click here for Don LaFontaine's Web site.

LaFontaine most recently appeared in a Geico Insurance commercial where he was referred to as "that announcer guy."

He is survived by his wife, singer/actress Nita Whitaker, and three children Christine, Skye and Elyse.

A huge and very unfortunate loss. Don seemed to have come more in to the limelight in the past several years appearing in commercials and talk shows. He seemed like a nice guy. A professional, he was reported to be very easy to work with. His distinctive voice has been used by hundreds and heard by millions.

Rest in peace.

Are You Ready For Some Football!

If there's a bright spot at all to the end of summer, it's the football season. Which officially kicks off this Thursday night. Anyway, for those of you who like picking contests, head over to Jimi the Geek and look for the link on the right side of the page that takes you to an online pick page. Fill it out, send it in, and I'll keep track of your scores. It's updated every week. You won't win anything as the site is primarily for my workplace. But, I'll keep track of everyone's score for bragging rights.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Celebridiot of the Day

Calling all young, beautiful Britons with a yearning for life in the fast lane -- Paris Hilton is heading to Britain to find a new best friend.

What an attention whore. It amazes me ANYONE regards her relevant. She's a no talent spoiled skank doing all she can to draw attention to herself. What she apparently fails to realize, is that most people wretch at the mention of her.

What I found interesting about her prerequisites:

She said her London best friend needed to be hot, able to keep up with her, and not a backstabber.

Funny she needed to add the "backstabber" quality.

She looks like squidward's ugly sister.

"Wanna Race?"

I told this story over at the Daily Scoff. As we just celebrated Harley's 105th, I think it's worth repeating.

My wife and I own a Honda Scooter. I forget the model but it was a size down from the Helix with a 250cc engine. At the larger end of the Scooter scale but small compared to most motorcycles. While it was a lot of fun, I never felt that comfortable on it. Now that we're parents, we don't use it. I'm all for donating organs. I just don't want to do it anytime soon.

Anyway, during Harley's 95th anniversary, I decided to be obnoxious and take the scooter out to see if I could heighten my asshole status.

It didn't take long.

While I was sitting at a red light, this babe pulls up beside me on the biggest Harley I've ever seen. She looks at me and I say to her the one thing that couldn't have made me look like a bigger dork:

"Wanna race?"

She laughed. Then blew me a kiss and left me eating her dust. Literally.

It was great. It also left me feeling a little impotent. So, I went home.

The Summer Buzz

Cicada molting:

Cool. My daughter and I found a cicada beetle the other night. I wasn't smart enough to think about keeping it to watch it molt. So, this video will have to do. Cool insect. It's amazing how loud they can get.

Palin vs Obama

If it's not babygate, it's Palin's experience that the left is now on about.

First, Palin isn't running against Obama. She isn't running for President. Because she has some executive experience, I think she'll make a fine VP. Not to make light, but the VP position can go rather unnoticed. Plus, she'll be one of many in the administration.

But, for the sake of argument, let's say we agree she doesn't have the experience to become VP. Then one can hardly make the case that Obama is experienced enough to be President. Senator? Lawyer? Community leader (whatever that means)? There was a time when people thought Shrillary wasn't experienced enough to be President. Obama's creds are much less than Hiltlery's.

What this is, is reaching. No, actually, it's shitting a brick. The Dems are in turmoil. They thought after the cozying up Hillary would do at the convention there'd be this huge jump, this huge wave they could ride to the elections. Well, McCain didn't just take a pin to their balloon, he took a Colt .45 to it.

What I can't wait for . . . are the debates. McCain vs Obama and Palin vs Biden. Maybe the election will be close. But these debates won't be. McCain and Palin both should chew them up.