Monday, March 31, 2008

No, my kid is smart!

So, right on the heels of my last post about child stars I see this headline:

Child Genius at Oxford Becomes Prostitute

The article is here.

I know of a few controlling parents. It ain't pretty.While this story may be the extreme exception, many controlling parents can look forward to rebellion manifested in some fashion.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

No, my kid's a star!

OK. There are guilty pleasures, and there are guilty guilty pleasures. The new VH1 show I Know My Kid's A Star is my new guilty guilty pleasure. All these show have the same premise. Teams compete, and each week a team is sent packing. At the end there is a lone survivor, the winner. The show, hosted by used to be Danny Bonadouchebag, is a star search for the next child star. But, it's as much about the parents as it is about the kids in that they are judged in the manner in which they coach, guide, and parent their children throughout the competition. Danny points out, and correctly so, that the parents have as much at stake as the kids do in adapting to hollywood life. It's an interesting exercise.

On the one hand, it's a horrible thing to put the kids through. I know it's what goes on all the time. But it usually isn't broadcast to the entire country . . . and . . . the kids aren't usually booted by such a loser as Bonadouchebag. That's harsh. To be honest, though, Danny has used his own life as an example of what not to do when moments warranted his advice. So, I'll give him that.

On the other hand, and as one might expect, it's the parents who need a good slap. They get it, too. There's a variety of loser parents on the show. Some have no clue what they're doing, others are trying to do it all . . . include get the attention.

I'll give Danny something else, he picks who goes . . . and he's been right on so far.

The one thing that struck me . . . none of the kids seem like they have "star" quality. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Fetus found on plane

HOUSTON (AP) — Authorities are investigating the discovery of what appears to be a fetus in the bathroom of a Continental Airlines plane that arrived in Houston on a flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport.
FBI Special Agent Shauna Dunlap said that while the plane was being cleaned about an hour after the plane landed Sunday, the cleaning crew found the apparent fetus. The medical examiner's office will do an autopsy to determine if it was viable.

Dunlap said that if it is determined that a crime occurred, then the FBI will work with Houston police to determine where it occurred and continue from there.

I hope they find out who did this. One would think it wouldn't be too difficult. I'm not sure what to think of this. My first thought is that it's pathetic. Another lack of regard for the life of a fetus. We don't know if it was viable or not, but if it was . . . what a waste. I hope this person is found and punished. What a way to have your life ended. In the toilet of an airplane. Simply left there to die . . . simply left there and forgotten.

I can't imagine this is much of anything else. The first question that comes to mind, why didn't the person say something? If this was an early delivery, a miscarriage, then no one is at fault and no one would think anything of the person in that position. As it is now, even if it was a miscarriage, you have to wonder why nothing was said and the fetus was just left there in the toilet. Doesn't speak well for the intentions of the mother.

Sad, sad, sad.

More caring? Debatable. Sense of humor? Not!

Over the past few days I've read at a number of conservative blogs the foolishness of the "black out" hour that was observed around the world as a . . . bow to Goredom and the fantasy that is global warming. I should be specific . . . the alarmist view of global warming. Anyway, it was suggested by a few that instead of bowing to the goracle, we do the opposite and turn all of our lights on. Well . . .

I can appreciate people taking shots at people for the sake of a laugh. Leno and his ilk do it every day. It's funny. I'm not so wrapped up in my beliefs and dedications that I can't take a joke. Nor am I so above it all to see the humor in things.

I actually looked this up. Now, even I can admit I'm not fully convinced, but if you google happiness and liberals and conservatives, you'll find articles that seem to indicate that studies show conservatives are happier people than are liberals. There seems to be all sorts of empirical evidence of this. But, I don't mean to generalize.

Anyway, the responses to the notion of an anti-movement to the lights out effort was humorless, at the very least, and insulting at the most. I opted not to chime in as I was taken aback with some of the responses and figured I would just get myself in to trouble. Clearly, though, some libs out there in blogdom can't take a joke.

Lighten up, people.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Nipple rings and airport scanners

I don't have a huge opinion on the woman, Mandi Hamlin, who had to remove her nipple rings in order to board a flight. She was ordered by the TSA to remove them after she caused the hand held scanner to go off. She passed through the walk through detector no problem. In her case, removing the piercings proved somewhat difficult and she needed a pair of pliers to do the, not surprisingly, painful job. Of course, now she's suing and wants an apology from the TSA.

Do I think she could have been privately observed by a female officer to ensure compliance? Yes. Do I think the TSA over reacted? Yes. Is this worth a lawsuit? No. But I do think the TSA could apologize.

My larger question is this . . . what 37 year old wears nipple rings? That's kind of pathetic.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best way to start the day!

When I stepped out of the shower this morning, I saw that my daughter had written "I love you, daddy" in he mirror that had fogged over from the shower.

That made my day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We decided to try a couple of egg kits. One was a marble kit, the other was a sponge kit. he were both a lot of fun and produced, I think, some very cool and unique eggs. Now we hate to wreak them by eating them!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Snow?!?!

From JSonline:

Winter storm watch Thursday
Call it the winter that just won't quit: The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for all of southeast Wisconsin beginning Thursday morning.

The weather service says the potential exists for 6 inches or more of snow. More snow could fall in areas near Lake Michigan, according to the latest forecast.

I'm gonna need more xanax.

Routine? Not by a long shot.

Kanye's mother died due to complications from cosmetic surgery. While it was revealed that she had a heart condition that caused her to die, it still underscored the risk any surgical procedure carries. Stephanie Kuleba died recently due to complication from cosmetic surgery. Likely, from the anesthesia.

The article is here.

A couple of things stood out.

"Breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures out there. Teenagers are getting these surgeries done earlier and earlier, and the fear is that if they get them too early, it might not be indicated."

There seems to be a lot of evidence that parents allow their teens to have breast augmentation done. I can understand if a girl is overly large, very lopsided, or has some other medical reason to have augmentation done. Beyond those reasons though, it seems wrong to encourage and allow teens to have their breasts done. Very wrong. Forget about the risks. What kind of message is this? Now, I have no idea if Stephanie needed the procedure or not . . . medically speaking. But if she didn't, and this was simply to have bigger boobs, hopefully her death will send a message. There's no such thing as routine surgery.


Alvarez said the danger with cosmetic procedures is the casual way in which they're sometimes approached.

"In plastic surgery, there's a laissez-faire attitude because people tend to be healthy," Alvarez said. "It’s not seen as a therapeutic operation. That underlying trend could allow you to be exposed to unnecessary risks."

Literally, the healthier you are, the higher the risk as you're not one to have been exposed to medical treatments, tests, and procedures before. Thus, with no history, there's no way to know, definitively, if you're going to react to anything with regard to procedures, medications, and being put to sleep.

I don't mean to sound cold. This is tragic. I just think there's a lesson to be learned.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Global foolishness 115

This isn't new, but I'm sure few people know about it. Several years ago a group of oceanographers launched 3000 robots called Argo Robots for the purpose of studying the ocean's temperatures. I'm sure they wanted to prove the point of global warming, but the data they received was contrary to opinion . . . I'm sorry . . . contrary to the discussion that is no longer a discussion. Turns out, for the past 5 years, there's been no warming at all. A slight cooling, in fact. But, that's brushed off as insignificant. The article from NPR here.

The whole article has a "we're not sure" sort of tone to it.

Trenberth and Willis agree that a few mild years have no effect on the long-term trend of global warming. But they say there are still things to learn about how our planet copes with the heat.

So, along with NASA satellites that CAN accurately measure telling us that the atmosphere isn't warming . . . and now these robots telling us that the oceans haven't warmed . . . what's left?

Oh yeah. The discussion is over.

Friday, March 21, 2008

What is wrong with people?

Jarvis Duke is a scumbag. A low life scumbag. In Duke's case, it's difficult to find a word to satisfactorily describe him without using profanity. Maggot. Thug. One that's at least accurate, murderer. Duke was sentenced to 80 in prison today for the murder of Shaina Mersman. She was 18 years old. She was also 33 weeks pregnant. Her fetus also died.

According to the article, it was not only a senseless murder, it was also particularly cold and callous as it happened in the middle of the day in the middle of a street. Clearly, the judge did the right thing. But what struck me about the article was this:

And though Duke will be closing in on his 100th birthday before he is a free man, he stood up from the defense table, turned to the supporters behind him and smiled.

Some clapped.

A few hooted.

Several called his name.

The senselessness of the display befitted the senselessness of the crime.

Who would support this dirthole? For what possible reason? Because they're standing up for him? Standing beside him in his time of need? These people are as morally corrupt as Duke is. Who would support someone who murdered a person? What kills me . . . Duke got his. With any luck he'll become someone's b*tch and live forever in fear of being shanked. But these low lifes in the courtroom cheering Duke on . . . these are dangerous people. The type that will turn their backs on someone in need, have little respect for life, and would likely kill themselves for the dumbest of reasons. The only good thing, none are likely smart enough to get away with it.

Sad, pathetic, and disturbing.

We know it's snowing!

I came home from work early today because of the snow. I travel from Milwaukee to West Bend so in weather like this it's not only hazardous but lengthy. Sometimes taking over an hour to get home.

Anyway, I shoveled first thing then sat down to dry off and warm up. I turned on the TV to see what was on. Good thing we have cable. I can't speak for all the local stations but channel 4 was all snow all the time.

All snow all the time.

All day.

Once you see it's snowing . . . once you're told it's going to snow a lot, that conditions are bad, and that there are cancellations, what more is there?

Hey, let's look at the fuzzy and wet traffic cams to see the slow traffic we just told you about! Over and over and over and over again. Look, 10 minutes later and it's still snowing and the traffic is still moving slowly! Now let's update you on the storm we just told you about. AFter that, we'll go to the crappy traffic cams and have a look at the slow moving traffic again. It's moving slow because . . . it's snowing out!

Over and over and over and over and over . . .

You can't simply give us a 60 second update every 30 minutes? A scroll at the bottom of the screen?

Stupid. I can't stand local news on TV anymore. They lost me. This is one reason why.

At least TMJ4 didn't recommend going to Chucky Cheese with the kids today.


The family sat down last night with sandwiches from Robert's and watched the movie Enchanted. Wow! Incredible! I knew what the movie was about, I knew the people in it, I knew some of the songs, but I never expected it to be as good as it was. Amy Adams was great. Both in voice and in character. She really brought her animated character to life . . . which is what happens . . . but she carries on like her animated charter would. It was great. The highlight of the film is the musical bit in Central Park to the song That's How You Know sung by Amy Adams. Incredible!

My only gripe . . . I didn't think Susan Sarandon did a very good job when a live character. But, it's a minor quibble of an otherwise excellent movie. Great for the family. My daughter loved it. Plus, it makes our DisneyWorld trip all the more memorable as they were "inducting" Giselle in to the castle when we were there.

Lastly, Carrie Underwood really lets go on the song Ever Ever After. I didn't know her voice was that good.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

America Needs an Idol!

For the third week now, I've been less than impressed with the entire ensemble. First, what is it with the Beatles songs? Give it a rest. Let them sing what they want! Still, if you want to call yourself a singer, you gotta sing. No one is in a position of calling their own shots, yet.

On the other hand, why not let them play to their strengths?

Anyway, of the bunch, David Cook seems to have the most talent. He's got a Scott Stapp kind of voice and has pretty good stage presence. Amanda Overmyer thinks she's cool. She's not, and she's not that good. Kristi Lee Cook continues to disappoint. Carly Smithson continues to make bad choices with her songs. And Rami, Syesha, and Jason will likely advance on their looks.

More than that, Randy, Paula, and Simon are just annoying. Their commentary is worse than the performances. Simon is often right, in my opinion, but is such an asschute he diminishes the point of his comments. If I have to hear "check it out . . ." from Randy any longer I'll go insane. And Paula . . . trim your bangs!

David Cook should win it. He's been the most consistent and has the best natural talent. I think when allowed to finally let go, Carly could do well. Maybe Jason as well. But on a scale of 1 to 10, David's an 8. The rest are, at best, a 5.

BTW, Dan Deibert over at the D Spot live blogs the telecast. Check it out and join in. It's a lot of fun!

How do you look up what you can't spell?

Google it. Do a search spelling the word however you think it's spelled. When Google returns the results it will usually ask: "Did you mean . . . ?" with the correctly spelled word.

I use that a lot.

Eruption! I don't have to wait long!

I've admitted to being a Rock 'n Roller, and a bit of a metal head. I have a love for the 80's hard rock bands and have seen quite a few over the years. One of my perennial favorites is Van Halen. Not only does Van Halen virtually define 80's hard rock, Eddie was instrumental (get it?) in shaping it's sound with his unique sound and guitar technique. He didn't invent finger tapping, but he did pave the way for it's popularity.

When David Lee Roth split from the group, I was a little shocked . . . and sad. What would happen to the group I loved so?

Sammy Hagar Walks In (get it?).

It was perfect. First, he was another guitar player. Second, he wrote some pretty good songs on his own. It really brought Van Halen to a new level. As much as I liked the old Van Halen and Roth, the new Van Halen rocked. Sammy was every bit as good a front man as David was. Vocally, probably a bit better.

Anyone who has followed the group knows Eddie is kind of a nut case. Temperamental, over bearing, controlling . . . and worse when he's sober. He was a mess. It came as no surprise that Sammy eventually left. Eddie also had other problems. Tongue cancer and arthritis. He's had surgery to cut out a portion of his tongue and surgery to replace a hip. Guitar god, perhaps. But mortal none the less. It seemed like the end.

There had been talks of a reunion on several occasions. David did come back once before to join Sammy on a short tour and record updated versions of their songs. Again, it was short lived. Eddie, Sammy, and David together on the road? I can only imagine. My understanding is that there's no love loss between David and Sammy. Go figure.

Fast forward to recent times . . . ironic how it turns out David is the most normal of the bunch. He did radio for a while (he's a conservative) and trained to become a paramedic . . . and worked as one going on hundreds of calls. He's a pretty stand up guy, now. Though time and age has tamed Eddie as well.

I believe it was early last year when the news finally broke . . . Van Halen was reuniting with Roth. Then, no. Then, YES! Unfortunately, there would be no Michael Anthony as he got fed up with everyone and formed a new group and was committed to them. In steps in Eddie's son, Wolfgang. All of 15 years old, Wolfie was to take Anthony's place on bass guitar.


I still think it's pretty weird, but all reports indicate he's good. Real good.

I had planned to go to Chicago with my wife to see Van Halen as Milwaukee wasn't on the original tour schedule. I thought it would be a cool over night date. At the time, though, I really wanted to go to Door County with the whole family. Doing both would have been expensive. Plus, I thought if I waited, they'd get around to Milwaukee. I was right. The day the tickets went on sale was the same day Miley Cyrus tickets went on sale. Miley was virtually a waste of time as tickets sold out within minutes. Van Halen, though, I scored big. Very good seats.

Eddie seemed ready to hit the road. Seemed to have his "act together", so to speak. Nope. News came of a few dates being postponed due to medical reasons. As I post this, no one knows why, yet. Soon after more dates were cancelled. Including Milwaukee.


News today has it that Van Halen will perform at the end of April . . . instead of April 7th. So, not bad. Not bad at all. It will be interesting to see if the Bradley Center sold out. Other places have. Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to this. Seeing Van Halen again is not just about Eddie or Dave. It's a testament about the music of the time. I highly doubt we'll see a Britney Spears come back tour in 30 years.

Rock on.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's so easy.

The absolute definition of innocence. Completely void of bias and stereotype. Unhindered by opinion and ignorance. Completely dependent and incapable of defending themselves.

Children. They ask nothing more than to love them and care for them. They have no built it need or want for things other than what makes them happy. For most, the love of their parents is more than adequate.

Why is it, so often, that's too much to ask?

What's particularly telling is what the girl told the police:

The child told police that she was scared that someone might kidnap her.

She would know this only because the father told her. Likely to purposely cause her to be scared. Nice. What a dirtbag. To sit for hours, scared, alone, and in the dark.

What a big man.

What a low life scumbag.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Global Foolishness 114

It just keeps pouring in. The NOAA has reported that the 2007/2008 winter season has been the coolest since 2001, putting the IPCC in the hot seat as reported here.

The comment of most interest to me in the article was this:

The IPCC published its Fourth Assessment Report in 2007 predicting global warming will lead to widespread catastrophe if not mitigated, yet failed to provide the most basic requirement for effective climate policy: accurate temperature statistics

Something us non-expert, scientifically challenged buffoons have been saying all along.

Global Foolishness 113

Now, this is a great idea:

Sue Al Gore for Fraud.

It would be interesting to not only call out the so called "experts" on the alarmist side, but also expose the money trail that exists
that the deniers get blamed for all the time.

I doubt this will go anywhere . . . but I hope it does.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Freedumb of Speech

Something I think we've all wondered about, particularly with regard to the war in Iraq, and our national security. Does the press go too far in it's reporting? Does it reveal too much? Does the press have an obligation to safeguard the public? According to this short article negative news about the war inspires the insurgents.

Insurgents in Iraq get a boost from coverage in the news media that shows support for troop withdrawals from the war torn country, according to a study.

Two Harvard University economists found that insurgent groups are responsive to "antiresolve" statements in the media.

"It shows that the various insurgent groups do respond to incentives and shows that a successful counter insurgency strategy should take that reality into account," Jonathan Monten, a co-author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, told US News and World Report.

Insurgent attacks increased between 7 and 10 percent immediately after a spike in "antiresolve" statements in the media, according to the findings.

The study was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Baghdad was excluded from the study and it did not review overall cost and public debate.

The ice will melt!

No. This isn't about the icebergs in Lake Michigan. Which IS interesting. Particularly during this time of catastrophic level global warming. But, no. This is about our revered senior citizens.

What is it about old folks and chopping ice in the street?


Maybe it's the exercise.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol

I don't watch until the end when, supposedly, only the best are left. With respect to this year's crop of hopefuls . . . they suck. I'm not a huge Beatles fan to begin with but the decision to use their songs was . . . well, not good. If anything, it put many of the performers at a disadvantage as they really couldn't pull the song off very well.

It will be interesting to see who survives.

Teacher Residency

Teachers would no longer have to live in Milwaukee under bill

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Teachers in the Milwaukee Public Schools would no longer have to live within the district under a bill that passed the state Assembly.
The bill would have to pass the Senate and be signed by Gov. Jim Doyle before it would become law. But that appears unlikely given that the legislative session ends on Thursday.
The Milwaukee residency requirement has been fought by those who argue it keeps away good teachers who may not want to live in the district.
The state teachers union, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, also supports removing the prohibition, arguing it places an unfair burden on teachers.
The bill, passed Tuesday on a 62-35 vote, would take effect July 1, 2009.

I think this is a good thing and long over due. I understand the desire to have teachers live in the city of Milwaukee, particularly for voting reasons, but I feel we're at a point where we need to relax this rule as it seems to be hurting more than helping. My daughter's school lost a good teacher due to this rule and there have been other cases in the news recently.

I'm wondering, though, what is this "unfair burden" the article talks about. Living in Milwaukee? Should we assume once this is enacted teachers will flock out of the city? If so, doesn't that tell everyone something(s) about Milwaukee?

I'm also curious how this will affect school board elections should there be even a modest move by teachers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doomed Domes Donor

A major upgrade of the Mitchell Park Domes this summer, spurred by $550,000 in private donations for a new lighting system, will include a "halo ring" illuminating the top of the Show Dome and making it visible at night from I-94.

The donation was announced today at the Milwaukee County Board's parks committee, which voted 6-0 to accept the money. It was given by local philanthropists Michael Cudahy and Chris Abele and a third unnamed donor.

Abele said the dome project represented a prime example of positive public-private partnerships. The county is planning on spending more than $390,000 to replace the roof and ceiling of the lobby building linking the domes.

The county also plans to replace broken glass panels on the domes, formally known as the Mitchell Park Conservatory.

Combining the public and private money will allow a project with a bigger impact and perhaps encourage other future efforts, Abele said.

The lighting project will include new entry and exterior lights, energy efficient LED lamps inside the domes that can be programmed for different effects and the outside ring.

The halo effect will restore the intent of Domes architect Donald Grieb, who designed the triple-dome structure that was built in the 1960s at 524 S. Layton Blvd.

The full County Board votes on the gift March 20.

The domes will be closed during construction this summer.

I'm happy about this. While I often thought the Domes and the Gardens (Whitnall Park) should be combined (and still do), the Domes were in bad need of repair and renovation. I would have hated to see them go but I wouldn't have been willing to dump a lot of tax payer money in to them to save them. They're not THAT needed. Again, like having the stadium downtown, I think the Domes would be better off as part of the Gardens. By itself, the Domes don't offer much in the way of stuff to see and do. As part of the Gardens, an all in one monster gardens would be very attractive. Still, this is a good compromise. Plus, the Domes have been part of Milwaukee's skyline since they were constructed. No more boob jokes?

Disney - Yaks playing hide and seek

"You can't see me!"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Disney - Medieval Babysitter

What better way to enjoy the sites with my queen than to allow our brood to be carefully looked after and kept from getting underfoot.

San Francisco Treat

Some years ago, my wife accompanied me on a business trip out to California. The job was in Santa Cruz but we stayed in San Fran for a few days. One night walking the streets, we heard what sounded like a small jazz band. We followed the sound to a small crowd gathered near the street. Here was a lone gentleman by the name of Daniel Kane, the Stickman. He was playing what's called the Chapman Stick. A twelve string guitar that has 6 bass strings and 6 middle and lead strings. You play it by pressing on the frets, hammering and pulling off, giving the instrument a very unique sound. Kane's music he wrote himself and so captured the essence of the SF night we bought his CD. Last I heard he still plays out on the streets.

Anyway, if you've never heard Chapman Stick music, you owe it to yourself to play the video. I'm not familiar with the artist, but after listening to a few selections of Chapman Stick music on Youtube, I felt this one represented the instrument the best. It's also closest to the sound of Daniel Kane.

The Barrett Express

Mayor Barrett wrote a small column in this weekend's JournalSentinel on our local transit issue. He points out the 91 million from the federal government that has gone unused and goes on to lament about not having a balanced transit system. While he does touch on the bus system and it's woes, it's all about not having a rail system.

What is it with the libs and trains?

A couple of things struck me about the article. First, why? He blathers on about all sorts of things yet never answers a basic question . . . why? He makes declarations about how behind we are, that we need this, that other cities have it, and claims that we'll benefit if we invest in it.

If we fail to modernize transit in Milwaukee and throughout southeastern Wisconsin, our region will miss critical economic development opportunities and fall further behind other parts of the country.

Why? While a few other cities have invested in a rail system (debatable whether any of them are successful), lots of cities don't have rail and do just fine. Including Milwaukee. So we're doomed in some fashion if we don't have rail? Why? Don't freeways spur economic development?

Then there was this:

Recently, the state approved a $1.9 billion expansion of I-94 from the Mitchell Interchange down to the Illinois state line. This would be the most expensive road construction project in Wisconsin's history, and it was decided without a debate or a referendum.

Well, maybe it's because PEOPLE LIKE TO DRIVE! What a ridiculous statement. Roads are clearly a priority over rail . . . there's more of them and they're the basic infrastructure of travel throughout the country. DUH.

The other thing about that statement that he doesn't tell you that he always blathering on about otherwise, is the amount of JOBS that project will create. I guess if it isn't a rail construction job, it's not good enough.

As for the 91 million . . . if you can do it with rail, you can do it with wheels.

Definition of sweet . . . 13

The family is sitting at dinner the other day. While we always sit down together, my daughter had finished some of hers before my wife and I had finished plating ours.

Jamie: "Thank you, mama."

Jackie: "You're welcome honey. Did you want more rice?"

Jamie: "Yes, please."

My wife heats up a little more rice and gives it to my daughter.

Jackie: "Did you want something to drink? Juice? Water?"

Jamie: "Juice, please, mama."

My wife fetches the juice while I get a glass.

Jamie: "Sorry if you can't eat because of me . . . sorry if your dinner is getting cold, mama."

Now that's sweet.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings

I love Daylight Savings. I love that it's earlier now and goes longer. Two weeks on both ends, I believe. It was originally supposed to be even longer but the 4 week compromise was reached due to many opposed to extending it at all. Whatever. I like it.

Years back when I battled a bout of depression, I couldn't wait for Daylight Savings. While I was already on the mend, it made a huge psychological difference in my mood.

Now I just like the extra daylight. While the days aren't technically longer, they feel that way. You do more and you feel better. Of course, it's also the time when the weather typically starts to turn. Maybe not this year, but typically.

Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Savings. In the summer, they can't wait for the sun to go away. Build a city in a desert and that's what you get.

This is an antsy time, though. Better weather is just around the corner and we're generally sick of winter and the short days. This year has been especially bad. While our trip to Florida did the family wonders, I really can't wait for the weather to warm up now.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Deep election thoughts . . . II

Seems it was not too long ago everyone was all on the "the republican party is falling apart" horse while no one noticed the storm in the distance. Now, McCain is it. Everyone else is virtually gone and many in the party are backing McCain. No controversy here. The dems, on the other hand, have taken their mess and elevated it to chaos status. Between how their delegates are set up, to the new mud slinging that's going on between Shrillary and Obama, to the almost inevitable court action on their nomination, this is fun to watch from the right.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Definition of Pathetic, 76

I really hate giving any celebridouche any attention. But sometimes you just gotta vent. What kind of egomaniacal whorebag do you have to be to sell your baby pictures for 6 million dollars to, of all publications, People magazine? Perhaps more importantly . . . why would anyone agree to pay that? Are we that far gone, that retarded as a society, that we're all going to rush out and buy the magazine just to see JBlows baby pictures? To do so would not only reward JBlow for pimping her baby, it would condone pandering by People magazine.

Just another definition of pathetic.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Actors strike?

Turns out, many of the issues the writers had, actors also have. As such, there is a slight threat of a strike. The article is here.

Now, writers are one thing. The actors . . . completely another. I, for one, could care less if we don't see most of these people . . . ever again. Yes, I would miss my favorites from the TV shows I watch. But as far as movies go . . . who would care? These spoiled, over paid, under talented, egomaniacal brats and their over hyped movies can all go away and I wouldn't care. It might be just what hollyweird needs.

Actor strike? Let 'em. Who needs 'em.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brett Favre

I actually had a post ready to go on Favre's retirement. But, I got sick and couldn't even look at my computer. I know, I know! That's sick . . . in many ways. Anyway, like many, the original news seemed vague and talked about some possible miscommunication. So, my initial thought was, oh, really?

Well, as we know now, yes, really.

I watched the replay of his press conference. I gotta tell you, I was crying. I really felt for him. In as much as I thought he thought this was the right decision to make it still had to be one of the more difficult decisions he's ever made. He feels as though he can still play, and probably wants to, but just can't take on the enormous emotional and mental toll it takes. That's pretty honest. He had every opportunity to simply say he wants to be with his family, he's getting old, the injuries hurt too much, but he didn't. He told us from his heart. The same way he played the game.

Tom Pippins made a comment about his press conference. That he tossed the idea of a prepared speech for the one he gave. Tom felt Brett stayed true to himself right to the very end. A freelancer on the field, a freelancer at the press conference. I couldn't agree more.

After his statement Brett answered questions for a bit. I thought all of his answers were well stated. Humble and from the heart.

So, what now? Again, I think there's a lot to be hopeful for in Aaron Rogers. He's got quite an arm and may surprise us. As for Brett . . . tv analyst? I doubt it. Brett seems like he'll be happy spending this time with his family. Not that he couldn't do it. If such morons as Steve Young and Emmit Smith (with all due respect to their past professions) can get the gig, Brett certainly could. It takes a certain egomaniac to want to get in to that area of broadcast and while it fits most of who do it, it wouldn't fit Favre. I'm sure we'll see Warren Saap on ESPN soon.

Anyway, thank you Brett. For what you brought to football, the NFL, the Green Bay Packers, and to us fans. Take back and enjoy your life now. I wish you all the best.


Spent the last week in DisneyWorld in Florida. Nice break from winter . . . and a heck of a good time. But . . . I need a vacation! Holy cow! I just got here, like, a minute ago and now I'm leaving. It doesn't even feel like I unpacked my bags. Weather was . . . is great. A little cool at first but got in to the 80's by midweek. I'm at the Orlando airport waiting for a delayed flight. First today it's completely cloudy.

Anyway, had a good time. More on everything later. Like all vacations, it will feel good to be home.