Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Classics for the New Year

For the New Year - In The Year 2525

Packer Bikini Girls

I heard the news but didn't see them on TV during the game. Figures. The Swedish Bikini Team could have been there nude in the middle of the field and the TV coverage would have missed it.

Classics for the New Year

Should I be embarassed that I used to be a huge fan?

Classics for the New Year

Polk Salad Annie

Classics for the New Year

I can't believe I found this! Can't tell you. You just have to listen. I'm sure most of you won't know this.

Classics for the New Year

Time for a little weird/ Hocus Pocus by Focus. Live.

Classics for the New Year

For us geek, Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis and the News

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Classics for New Year's

Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You. I MUCH prefer this over the bombast that Twitney sings.

Classics for New Year's

Here's a GREAT one. Willie Nelson, Rainbow Connection.

Sorry. Just a link. No embed.

Classics for New Year's

REO - Don't Let Him Go

Monday, December 29, 2008

What I Got for Christmas

At Chad's request . . .

A bunch of new Packer duds. Shirts and sweats. Good thing. I needed them.I wore my hawaiian shirt to the Christmas party. Badge took notice. But, it was before he said we should treat each other nice.

A robe. Needed that, too.

Biggest gift was a cell phone. Very basic with a basic plan. I never really wanted one and have actually avoided getting one. I hate talking on the phone. But, it got to a point of need. And the fact that prices have come down on plans. It actually came in use tonight. The family went to La Fuentes for dinner. We forgot the Visa and had little cash. I needed to find out if the check card was covered. A quick call on the cell, and . . . drinks for everyone! You should have been there.

BTW, Chad said he received a Foreman grill. I bought my wife a Panini grill. The Griddler Jr by Cuisinart. Awesome. It really does take sandwiches to a new level. Christmas morning we made scrambled egg panini sandwiched. The other night . . . peanut butter panini's. You haven't lived if you've never had one of these.

No new Croc's this year. The ones from last year still have a lot of tread on them.

Michelle Obama

I was waiting in line at the grocery store and saw Michelle Obama's picture on the cover of what I think was called "Black Hair Magazine'. I've looked for it online but can't find it. A couple of things struck me about it.

First, and this has nothing to do with anything, I don't find her attractive. At all. I think Laura Bush is pretty. Not cute, or gorgeous . . . pretty. Pleasant looking. Michelle is a little hard on the eyes. I do think Obama is a handsome man. Not a hunk, or anything, but easy to look at. I know, who cares?

Second, holy photoshop, was this picture retouched. Redbook magazine has a huge tendency to retouch the cover photos, but good gosh, this is waaaaaaaay much.

Lastly, for all the heat Sarah got about her hair style, what about the June Cleaver doo Michelle has been sporting lately? Wow. I think it looks terrible.

If I find the pic, I'll post it. If you're at the store, look for it. It's quite startling.


Found it.

Drinking Right Christmas Party

I came a little late, but did show up. Most of the festivities had already been fested and all that was left was to cheer the Packers and do a little socializing.

I saw a few new faces and really didn't get a chance to introduce myself. Sorry for that.

A few of the regulars got to meet my wife and daughter. Which had to have been a breath of fresh air for them.

I got to meet SIlent E for the first time, and his lovely wife. It's one of those situations where you feel you've known someone for years, yet never met. I hope they make a few of the Tuesday "meetings".

But, I really have to thank Asian Badger. He made me look good in front of the wife and child. Not that I need any help, mind you, but it came as a nice surprise to my wife. The Badge and I pinky swore to be nice to each other in 2009. Hmm. A few days left.

Nice to see Fred up, around, happy, and healthy. While I share a love of Music with E, Fred and I share back problems.

I don't share anything with Chad, and I think I'm happy about that. Actually, I have to thank Chad. I don't think my wife has ever heard my name yelled out when entering a bar. Ever.

I saw a couple of Obama items that I assume were white donkey gifts. Kinda glad I didn't participate.

See everyone next year! Have a great New Year's holiday!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today's Babe

My wife, Jackie. It's her birthday today. In addition to being a babe, she's MY babe. Treat her nice tomorrow. If you make me mad, I'll let her kick the shit out of you.

Happy birthday, honey.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Liver or Fruitcake?

I'm reminded of this as it's the holidays. There seems to be no more detested edible, even more so than liver, than fruitcake.

Some time ago I came across some at a party. I believe I was in my 20's. Anyway, there it was . . . pressed dried fruit stuffed in some tin . . . I thought it looked pretty. Anyway, after hearing so much about this "don't open it we'll rewrap it and give it to someone else" dried fruit frankenstein, I decided to try it.

I liked it!

I remember eating half of what was there. Again, I'm reminded of this not just because of the holidays, but also because we have a stollen sitting in our kitchen.


I'll take a fruitcake, any day, over a stollen. I think they take a used football, pour icing on it, and call it stollen. Yuk. I don't get it.

So, I ask you . . . have you ever actually tried fruitcake? Do you, like me, like it?

Kennedy will work twice as hard

Caroline Kennedy told The Associated Press in an interview Friday that she knows she will have to work twice as hard as others if she is picked for the U.S. Senate.

Is that because she's half as smart as those who are actually qualified to fill the position?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Several times this year, my wife and I asked our daughter what she wanted for Christmas. "Nothing." she would reply, "Just a nice Christmas with decorations, music, and the party" (we host Christmas Eve at our house every year). For the past couple of months there have been no hints, no "I want", no "I need", no nothing. Even when going to Target, Jamie would opt for the books and music department to the toy area. While there's nothing wrong with that, it makes for interesting shopping. Especially for Santa at Christmas.

Jamie, almost 9, still believes in Santa. Most of her friends don't. I suspect this will be the last year for Jamie. Which makes me a little sad. As much as I love watching my daughter grow, it's also sad to put behind me those things that truly define the innocence childhood.

This year, though, Jamie observed that while it's nice her name is put on gifts for say, my wife from Jamie, she really didn't take a part in getting the gift. I was rather floored by this. There wasn't much I could say other than to promise to make her a part of the process next time. Something tells me that as the years go by I'll have a valuable resource in my daughter as it pertains to shopping for my wife. I'm no slouch, but a man buying for a woman is different than a woman buying for a woman. My wife has all the see through low cut tops she can use . . . for a while.

Anyway, once again, my daughter has reminded me about the importance of being a good parent, the importance of family, and of the importance of doing, giving, and sharing with the other people in your life. She's sick today with a fever, and I'm ready to do anything she wants to help her feel better. I couldn't be more proud of her.

BTW, Santa bought Jamie an iPod Nano for Christmas. It came loaded with several of her favorite artists and several new movies. It was a huge surprise. Perfect.

Thanks Santa. Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Winter's Snow

I like to watch the earth transform
from the brown and dead of fall
to the glistening white of winter
and the snow that blankets all

Winter brings serenity
as snowflakes come to rest
but there are things about winter I don't like
and some that I detest

WInter's also flu season
and everyone gets sick
My nose gets so congested
I'd like to auger it with a stick

Then there's ice, I hate the ice
salt your side walks all, I beg
cause I could come along and slip
and fall and break my leg

As it is, my joints they cry in pain
but I try to cope and grin
I do my stretching everyday
and pop some vicodin

Then there's driving on the roads
as I drive I curse and bitch
But laugh at all the SUV's
I see sitting in a ditch

For some, like skiers, winter's fine
it's hills and slopes they seek
But I'm content to stay inside
and log on to jimi the geek

Happy day after winter solstice everyone!

Brett Favre vs Aaron Rodgers

It will be interesting to compare the stats of Rodgers and Favre at the end of the season. Obviously, two different teams and situations. It's impossible to make direct comparisons. Still. Right now Favre is getting pretty beat up in the New York media. While the Packers as a whole stink, few are blaming Rodgers.

One thing is for sure, Brett would not have made much difference on this team. Yes, there are about 6 games we could have won . . . two of those that Rodgers could have made a come back. But, as much as Aaron should have sustained a drive and scored, the defense should have made a final stand. I've said it before, Brett doesn't play defense. Neither does Aaron.

The bad news is that with Brett's dropping stock, as goes our draft pick. He keeps this up the Packers will end up owing the Jets a pick.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's Babe

Kristen Bell:

She's "cute" personified. Adds to the babe status of Heroes. Looked great in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Bush SHOULD say to the UAW

Auto Bailout

GM sales in 2007: 9,370,000 vehicles
Toyota sales in 2007: 9,366,418 vehicles
GM profit/loss in 2007: -$38,730,000,000 (-$4,055 per car)
Toyota profit in 2007: +$17,146,000,000 (+$1,874 per car)

Hmm. I'm no economist . . . and I don't own a business . . . but, and I might be wrong . . . going out on a limb here . . . GM doesn't appear to be very profitably run.

Jimi the Geek Christmas

After Twisted Sister came out with their heavy metal Christmas songs, I decided to do one of my own. I run the football pool at work as Jimi the Geek and do a number of creative projects under Prozak Productions. Hence the mentions in the song. Anyway, here for the first time for public consumption, We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Jimi the Geek:

Christmas Music - SIlver Bells

Hope I don't go to hell for this:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Name That Tune!

A tad before the 80's. Was over shadowed by the album's many other hits.

I'll add a second if no one gets this right away.

UPDATE: Sing, Child, Sing by Heart.

I have the best daughter in the world!

We've been busy as a family. My wife is working late, I've been working late, and my daughter has been spending time with her cousin at the sister-in-law's. As such we eat late, and with the late start on the evening, my daughter is finishing her homework close to bed time. It's a short term thing. In fact, my wife has already cut back on her hours so she can be home when my daughter gets home. Point is, we miss each other and haven't had a lot of time to spend with each other in the evenings.

Last night, my daughter had dance. Sometimes I go with her. This time I couldn't as I had a late recording. We were supposed to decorate the tree. Now I wasn't sure we would. Anyway, I got this note from my daughter when I got home:

Dear Daddy,
I hope we can play Mall Maddness $$. But, when I get home I have to do the rest of my HW. Aka, Home Work!
Love a lot, Jamie
p.s. I hope we can put on the ornaments!
p.p.s. And watch WALL-E
p.p.p.s. And when I say "a lot" of love, I mean TONS! I mean . . . I don't know. But, A LOT!

I've said it before . . . this kid can have anything she wants.

I'm framing that note.

We stayed up late to finish the Christmas tree.

Now, excuse me while I cry.

To: Gravelle - From Santa Claws

Get it?

I hope this gives you a headache for posting what you did.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Milwaukee Iron Arena Football Team

We did a spot for the new Milwaukee Iron arena football team. Working in video post, you do a lot of "meat and gravy" stuff. Projects that pay the bills but aren't too glamorous. These projects are fun in that you can put a little more creativity in them. I did the audio . . . the sound effects, music, and mix. Our graphic guy did the door stuff, and the other editor cut the spot together. This will run on TV tomorrow. Here's a sneak preview:

Global Foolishness - Nails in the Coffin

OK. What we know is that satellite measurements have not supported the alarmists position on seasons (climate change). We know that ocean robots have revealed no warming. We know there's been no rise in ocean level. We know the ice cap is gaining ice. And, we know we've been in a ten year cooling trend. We know ALL of this.

Now, along comes this article:

UN Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

We've heard about dissent since the IPCC and algore revealed to the world about the doom we're in. Many shrugged off the dissent as tools for the oil industry. "Follow the money", they would say. But, even in complete absence of any such affiliation deniers have been shrugged off. "There's consensus" we would hear.

Well, some of those in the article are former IPCC members who have . . . come to their senses, in short. Most others are very much experts in the field of climate study. It will be difficult, short of being an idiot, to shrug these people off.

It will be interesting to read their report.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Today's Babe

Underrated, and absolutely gorgeous, Carla Gugino:

Hey, look! It's Snowing!

You know what's really irritating, the TV stations put up their storm warning crap up on the screen a day before it was even supposed to start! WTF is that all about?

Anyway. if there's one good thing about this snow . . . front wheel drive. We owned a 92 Towne Car a few years back. It would have been disabled at the last "snow storm" we had. That car was dangerous in the winter.

But, front wheel drive on a Dodge Caravan . . . goes through anything, I swear. There's still the matter of all the other idiots on the road . . . some in Towne Cars . . . but a front wheel drive van sure makes driving in this stuff a lot safer.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Packers vs Texans 1

OK. The Packers lost. More on that later. As I've said many times in the past, it could be worse, you could be a _____ fan.

This week, however, if you're feeling a bit down after the Packer loss . . .

Think how James and Owen feel.

That makes my day.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Today's Babe

In honor of her winning Dancing with the Stars, here's Brooke Burke:


Old song, cool video. This girl, and group, provided the vocals for Josie and the Pussycats, starring Rachel Leigh Cook.

Watch more Google Video videos on AOL Video

A performance rock group from LA. They play the Taste of Chicago Summerfest rip off sometimes. I've never seen them, but would love to. Phil X is one of many "the man" on guitar.

2008 Coolest Year of Decade

This year is set to be the coolest since 2000, according to a preliminary estimate of global average temperature that is due to be released next week by the Met Office. The global average for 2008 should come in close to 14.3C, which is 0.14C below the average temperature for 2001-07.

The relatively chilly temperatures compared with recent years are not evidence that global warming is slowing however, say climate scientists at the Met Office. "Absolutely not," said Dr Peter Stott, the manager of understanding and attributing climate change at the Met Office's Hadley Centre. "If we are going to understand climate change we need to look at long-term trends."

Hmmm. Like what? 50 years? Maybe 100? Let's see . . . the Earth is, what . . . 4 billion years old? Some say less. But, a long time. Nothing a 100 year span could EVEN COME CLOSE TO BEING A SAMPLE TREND! In fact, I think most with a brain would consider a 50 year span to be of NO SIGNIFICANCE. NONE.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Name That Tune!

OK. A bunch of us like music . . . a lot. Also, many of us like the music from days gone by. So, I'd like to start a weekly game of Name That Tune. Simply name the tune from the one second segment I provide. No prizes. Not yet, anyway. If I can come up with something I'll offer it up. For now it's just for bragging rights.

I won't provide any hints other than if the music was well known or if you had to be a fan of the group or performer to know the tune. This first one should be extremely easy. One second is actually a good long time for a tune. This one is more pop than rock, but a chart topper just the same.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

A visual feast, to be sure. But, my main gripe is that most of the models in this show are just too skinny. I like how tight abs look on a woman, but I prefer a little more substance. Plus, some of them need not talk.

I will say this, for roughly 35 years young, Heidi Klum holds her own very well against many younger models. And she's well spoken.

Great genes.

The Big 3 Auto Bailout

I used to work for a company that, as a manager, I received a company car, my insurance was paid, and I had typical vacation and sick day benefits. There was also profit sharing. Though, it was in the form of a retirement or severance account. All very nice things. It was a popular local retail chain, and was, obviously, profitable to be able to offer the benefits it did.

I don't think anyone would see a problem with that. I certainly don't. I'm envious of jobs like that. I could certainly work my way back in to retail if I wanted to . . . but I don't want to. My current employer offers benefits, but I do pay for a portion of them.

If the auto makers were so profitable as to offer up the benefit packages they do, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Of course, that's not the case. Now, the auto makers want government money . . . tax money . . . to help them out of the situation they're in.

I have a problem with that.

Well, the UAW says it's willing to renegotiate contracts to help out the auto makers. From Yahoo News:

The United Auto Workers said Wednesday it is willing to change its contracts with U.S. automakers and accept delayed payments of billions of dollars to a union-run health care trust to do its part to help the struggling companies secure $34 billion in government loans.

Not good enough. Delayed payments? I don't think so. These packages need to be renegotiated such that it brings the costs down. Which likely means scaling some benefits back and/or having the workers kick in for some of the costs.

United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said the union will suspend the jobs bank, in which laid-off workers are paid up to 95 percent of their salaries while not working, but he did not give specifics or a timetable of when the program will end.

Well then, get specific. Again, I'm not against the job bank. It seems like a nice perk to have when there's temporary lay offs. But again, if I'm asked to help pay for it then there need to be some changes. Like, get rid of it.

"There's a perception problem," Gettelfinger said, stressing that the automakers' woes have painted a negative view of the union. "Yes, we have lost some clout."

Not true. You've lost ALL clout.

Congressional leaders demanded business plans from all three that include a reduction in labor costs so Detroit is more competitive with foreign automakers with U.S. factories. The companies submitted their plans to Congress on Tuesday.

"I don't think Congress is out for blood," Gettelfinger said of the criticism the union received during his previous testimony last month. "There will be more pressure on us to do this. We're going to step up and do it."

That sentiment was echoed by several union representatives at the news conference. "Everybody has to give a little bit," said Rich Bennett, an official for Local 122 in Twinsburg, Ohio, representing Chrysler workers. "We've made concessions. We really feel we're doing our part."

But a retired GM worker said the union might be acting hastily out of fear that one of the automakers could shut down. "Fear is a bad basis on which to make decisions," said Frank Hammer, of Local 909 in Warren, Mich. "I think they're making another mistake."

Might be acting out of fear that a factory MIGHT shut down? I wonder if this guy would be willing to give up some of his pension on the notion that he'd be repaid at some time.

I doubt it.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My 9 year old daughter won the football pool

Actually, twice now. I manage my work place football pool. There's about 20 to 25 people who regularly play so the pot is nice. Pays for the year and some. I won once. Here's how this goes down . . .

The pool is a guess the winners pool. Theoretically, the more you know about football, the better chances you have. Yeah, right. Tell the NFL that. Every week I make my picks. I'd like to think I'm an informed player. The last two years in the WISN pool I've ranked in the 90-ish percentile, so I've got some proof. Anyway, after I make my picks I call my girlie to make hers. As we go through the teams I'll, sometimes, let her know that that particular pick isn't a good choice. That, odds are, the stronger team will win. The Cowpokes and the Seahawks is a good example. I wouldn't let her pick the Seahawks. For all the other games, 13 out 16 games or so, it's her. Then I give her the over/under line and let her pick a number.

So, she won this past weekend. And, she won in the tie breaker. Five people, including me, had 10 correct. Of the five, though, she was closest with total points scored with 50.

Nine year old. Girl. Beating her daddy in the football pool.

Yeah, yeah, flyboy. Good thing she has her momma's brains, too.

Save it.

Auto Industry Bailout

So, the Big 3 execs left their jets parked this time around. Big deal. They own the jets, why not use them?

Anyway, the execs will be presenting their case, again, for bailout money from the government. If it were up to me, I'd tell them we helped them once before and it didn't do any good, I tell them to look at the airline industry, I'd ask them why I should give out a loan to a failed business model, I'd tell them to go home and prepare for bankruptcy. I'd also tell them to call the UAW and tell them "Thanks for helping us be profitable" then tell them to stick their union in their ass.

Let's remember, we're talking about a for profit corporation here. A badly managed one, at that.

Anyway, there are a couple of good articles on the bailout. What the problem is, and what should be done about it. Both articles point to the incredibly high cost of labor. Thanks, mostly to the union.

They also state that bankruptcy wouldn't be a bad thing. In fact, it just might be what's needed. With a complete restructuring, the auto companies could put themselves in a position of better business and management.

Here's the first article.

Here's the second.

Fact is, foreign auto makers are not facing the same problems. Their cars are often considered better, many are less expensive, have better warrantees, hold their value better, and the companies are profitable. Why? There's a obvious difference between the american and foreign auto makers . . . labor costs. Until the Big 3 fixes that problem, no loan of any sort will help.

I'm in a bad mood, but . . .

Sort of pissy, really. A lot of it is the weather. Too little sun does that to me. Also, the various weather systems that go in and out of the state wreak havoc with the back. Not nice. It's a shortened holiday season and there's a lot to do. Two uncles in bad shape. One won't make it to Christmas. Short days. All of this just gets to me, sometimes.

Well, things are looking up. Every now and again something comes along and lifts my spirits. Usually it's my daughter . . . or my wife. Though, by other means (ahem). This time it actually comes from Hollyweird.

Yes, there is intelligent life on earth, and in America. In the bad reality soaked brains of the viewing public, even Rosie couldn't convince. Yesssssssssss. After just one showing of Rosie Live, the plug was pulled.

Rosie O’Donnell’s variety show, “Rosie Live,” will be canceled after its pilot debuted to low ratings and bad reviews.

After the pilot episode of Rosie O’Donnell’s variety show, “Rosie Live,” debuted to bad reviews and low ratings, the former talk show host announced on her blog that the show has been canceled, according to People magazine.

After last week’s debut, O’Donnell wrote, "there will b no more. no ratings. bad reviews. yet still – a thrill 4 me."

The show attracted just five million viewers to the NBC production, which led the network to drop the show from its lineup. The show debuted last Wednesday, the same night that O’Donnell’s former View co-host, Barbara Walters, aired an interview with President-Elect Barack Obama and First Lady-to-be, Michelle Obama.

Viewership for O’Donnell’s show was lower than the ratings for Knight Rider, which typically airs at 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

“Rosie Live” featured celebrity guests such as Alanis Morissette, Alec Baldwin and Clay Aiken and earned a 1.2 preliminary rating among the 18-49 age group.

Last week’s debut marked O’Donnell’s return to television, though it was short-lived.

"Lower rating than Knight Rider" . . . hee hee heeeee. I actually wanted to watch it so I could provide some commentary. I missed it. Too bad. Maybe I could have cashed in with DVD's of the episode as a collector item. The larger they are, the bigger the fall.

Rosie fell hard. Yes, I mean that a couple of ways.

Question. What supposed intelligent adult writes on a BLOG in text/chat language? Is Rosie that frikkin lazy she can't write whole words and sentences? What an idiot.

Another question. What idiot in Hollyweird thought this was going to be a good idea?

Anyway, I'm feeling better all of a sudden.

Today's Babe

Dr. Allison Cameron from House, M.D . . . . Jennifer Morrison:

Monday, December 01, 2008


There are few constants in life. Time's unwavering insistence, taxes, and the ever steady stream of either egomaniacal or retardily bizarre behavior coming out of hollyweird. From The Superficial:

Nancy Jarecki is an entrepreneur who sells dye for "hair down there." While her product line Betty Beauty is taking off, Nancy needs to learn rule number one in the cutthroat pube dye business: Never out your celebrity clients. Page Six reports:

It's not just women who are interested in matching the carpet to the drapes: Jarecki says so many men have bought the product that she plans to launch a "Betty for Men" line early next year. "I guess man-scaping for guys is really big these days," she says, adding that she recently sent the entire assortment of colors to noted waxing enthusiast Diddy and got back a thank-you note from his assistant.

A Betty spokesperson adds that "Law & Order" brunette Mariska Hargitay, country singer Vince Gill, Jack Black and Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor also use the product.

First, ew, ew, eeeewwwwww.

Second, why?

Ben Stiller has been getting on my nerves A LOT lately. He can't seem to break away from his Mr. Confused-Guy routine. For me, this just seals what a dork he really is.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Packers vs Panthers - 1

I'm a Rodgers fan. Regular readers know that. For the most part, I think he played a great game. It's hard to rank on the guy after his performance today. But . . .

You can't throw interceptions when there's a chance to come back in the game. He wasn't overly pressured, I don't think there was miscommunication, he just threw a bad ball. You can't do that. While the Packers shouldn't have been in the position to try and win the game with 1:20 left in the game, fact is, that's the position they were in. Any and all hope died with that interception. It wasn't even an outstanding defensive play. It was a bad throw.

Now, the Packers didn't lose as a result of that interception. They lost because the Panthers scored more points than did the Packers. Scant little pressure on the quarterback. Once again, the slot receiver chewed up the secondary. Mostly . . .

Special teams. For the love of Lombardi, what's the deal with kick return coverage?

Oh well, it was a fun game to watch. The Packers certainly did some things very well. It was great to see Aaron air the ball out so much.

If I Were Coach

I'd have the Packers drilling fumble recovery 8 hours straight, including Rodgers, with one goal . . . fall on the ball. I'd fire a hail of bullets above the ball to keep everyone down and resist any temptation at all to pick up the ball while running.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wizards in Winter

Last year, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra held a contest to see who could best play four part of their Wizards in Winter song. Keyboards, drums, bass guitar, and guitar. Here are the four winners spliced together:

Kicking off the Christmas Holiday Season

In spite of the problems we're facing as a country, most of us are doing just fine and will carry on. A simple reminder and request to think of those less fortunate.

Britney in Germany

Someone please, please, please, pleeeeeease explain to me why this hack has fans? Aside from the fact that the song sucks, her performance is boring. She's the Kevin Costner of pop music. All she did was walk around and flail her arms a bit. I like how she adjusts her K-Tel microphone as if to try and convince everyone she's actually singing.

I don't get it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A day late. But, well wishes just the same.

Reflecting on this holiday and putting things in to perspective, I'm thankful to be living in America. We take for granted just how good we have it.

I'm thankful to have a job I enjoy.

I'm thankful for my wife. We share many of the same values. She's been there for me. She makes me laugh.

I'm thankful for my daughter. She truly completes me.

Despite some nagging arthritis, I'm in good health. As is the rest of my family.

I'm thankful that my mom has the strength to live on in spite of losing a husband and son in the same year. She sees her grand daughter as a source of inspiration.

I'm extremely thankful for my sister. She took in and took care of my mentally retarded brother, Billy. About 10 years worth of daily challenge, work, and sacrifice. She took care of our dad's arrangements when he died, as well as Billy's. She been there for my mom.

I'm thankful for my sister-in-law and family. We truly look after each other in many ways.

I'm thankful for my mother-in-law. She's been a good granny, and has helped us out from time to time.

As I ate dinner last night, I couldn't help but think about the future 20, 30 years from now. The babies and toddlers of today will be adults. With any luck, I'll be around to enjoy their company. It will be interesting to see what old traditions are kept and what new one are made. It occurred to me that I should do everything I can so that one day someone can be thankful for the role I played in the family.

It's not about ego or legacy. It's about the importance of family and friends.

So, while giving thanks, do what you can to earn thanks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Neil Diamond is a woman!

Headline at JSonline:

Film unites Neil Diamond, wife of late impersonator, finally

So, Neil Diamond is actually a woman who is married to someone impersonating him . . . herself who died?

You just never know these days.

Keeley Desktop

Adobe Air is pretty cool technology. While I'm sure the technology is different, it takes widgets to the next level. I have a bunch of them and use them regularly. I actually don't use many widgets. Adobe Air is more useful to me.

Anyway, one of favorites, is Keeley Desktop. It's really a news application giving you news on sports, Page 3, and celebrity news. But, it has an additional feature of Keeley herself walking out on the desktop. Here's an example:

She does a variety of things. In one case she comes out in a trench coat. In another she writes "Get back to work" on your screen. Of course, I use it mostly for the news (cough cough).

If you're not using Abobe Air, you should. It's pretty cool. And you get to have Keeley walking out on your desktop.

Lori Drew GUILTY!

Unfortunately, she was found guilty on 3 misdemeanor charges, and not guilty on the one federal charge of conspiracy. She still faces about a year in jail, but the verdict is a slap on the wrist considering what she did.

Well, all those who thought this case might make criminals out of millions of MySpace users can rest easy.

Unfortunately, so can that scumbag Lori Drew.

Miley Cyrus at the AMA's

A couple of thoughts about this. First, I agree, 16 is too young to be "writhing" on stage. While I'm sure Miley would like to shed the "tween" status she has, she's just not going to have broad appeal to adults over 30 at her age. She shouldn't be so quick to grow up. Shame on her dad, Billy, for allowing her to do the things she does.

All of that said, I love this song. Were she 18 or 21, it would be a great performance. As it is, it makes me a bit uncomfortable. Still, if she's trying for a more mature sound, this song is it.

Life's little pleasures

My little girlie and I went grocery shopping last night. Not only do we have a lot of fun, but we always end up getting all sorts of things mama, the wifey, wouldn't buy. Well? Ya gotta try stuff!

Anyway, we entered . . . "the zone" . . . bakery. With a 4 day weekend coming up I knew we would need some sort of deep-fried-sugar-coated-jelly-stuffed-frosted-glazed pastry kind of thing. My girlie got my attention. I heard the angels sing as a spot of light came down from the heavens to bask this product in its warm glow. I'd never seen anything like this before . . .

Jelly-filled doughnut holes.

They called to me with little voices. Sweet. Endearing. Enticing. I reached out to grasp not only the package but also to the reality of what was in my hands. I felt at peace. I smiled. A tear rolled down my cheek.

"Put it in the cart, daddy!"

We tried them after dinner. They were wonderful. If life is a box of chocolates, heaven is a jelly filled doughnut hole.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thinking of seeing Australia?

And why not? For the women, Hugh Jackman, People magazine's sexiest male, is in it. And for some men (not me) Nicole Kidman is in it. But you might want to reconsider. Here's an excerpt of one person's opinion:

Kidman is one of those women who turns other women off. And no, not just because she's pretty and we're jealous. It is because we perceive, and men don't, that she's one of the most overrated actors in the world, a woman who has been the kiss of death in practically every movie she has starred in.

Kidman is exquisitely accomplished at being awful. Did anyone see Cold Mountain? The sweeping American epic (note: another epic) foundered on the rocks of her gormless mirror-gaze. She can't act. Instead, she drifts around films like a lost porcelain doll, looking frozen, brittle and vapid, staring at the camera with her oh-golly-look-how-I'm-looking-interesting blue eyes.

Yikes. Ouch. Can't say as I disagree, though. Nicole is just one of many, A list actors who are greatly over rated. Read the whole scathing article here.

Asteroids is the new pink!

Forget global warming . . . uh climate change. Or, as I call it . . . seasons, asteroids is the real threat. Even if seasons prove to be problematic, it will all mean nothing should an asteroid kiss the earth. Pack your powerpoint, Al, here come asteroids. And it ain't a video game:

Between 500 and 1,000 massive asteroids cross the Earth's path regularly and any one of them could cause a global catastrophe, space experts warned Tuesday, urging quick preventive measures. Some 6,000 cosmic objects circulating around the planet are currently known to experts in the field, the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) told a press conference at the UN headquarters in Vienna, where it presented its report "Asteroid Threats: A Call for Global Response."

And of these, up to 1,000 had a diameter of 150 kilometres (93 miles) or more, meaning they could cause major damage to the Earth's surface, prompting fires, tsunamis and ensuing disasters like famine, it said.

The organisation includes some 320 members from 34 countries, all of whom have already been in space.

A research, information-sharing and defence network was thus urgently needed to coordinate a global response to the problem, under the leadership of the UN, it said.

Although it should be possible to predict a collision up to 15 years before it occurs, the technology needed to divert an incoming asteroid has yet to be developed and this will require international cooperation, they said.

The UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space is due to examine the report at its 2009 session on June 3-12 in Vienna.

The UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space? What the asteroid is that? What could possibly be the use of an organization as this? I need to see the minutes of their last meeting.

But, here we go again. Consensus.


There is a website. UNOOSA. Though, I still have no idea what this organization does.

Lori Drew vs Megan Meier

The cyber-bullying case of the year is in the hands of the jury. Both sides have presented their case and the jury will deliberate today. Here's a good article summarizing things:

Prosecution: Lori Drew Schemed to Humiliate Teen Girl

The judge could still throw the case out, which seems weird.

RIP Megan. Your death has already changed online laws. Hers to hoping Lori get hers.

Packers vs Saints - 2

In Loving Memory,

The Packers playoff chances, 9/07/2008 - 11/24/2008
On Monday night, 11/24/2008, the Green Bay Packer playoff chances were laid to rest. After a long struggle in the first half battling a strange black and gold virus, the disease metastasized and the Packers finally succummed to loss in the third quarter. With no defense to fight the virus, the black and gold disease swept through the defense eventually infecting the offense causing loss. The Packers fell 51 to 29 in what may be it's last breath for a division title, and a spot in the playoffs.

The Packers are survived by 3 Superbowl titles, 8 conference titles and 14 division titles. Visitation is open to everyone at the Packer Hall of Fame, and at For those seeking further solace, go to


Monday, November 24, 2008

Packers vs Saints - 1

One thing that drives me crazy . . . when it looks easy. And it is. For the Saints. For crissakes, play a 4-2-5 defense for a bit to see if it works. The tight end is killing us!

Aaron Rodgers

Much is being said about Aaron Rodgers by all the ESPN news teams prior to the game. All of it good, too. In fact, Chris Berman seemed to think that the Packers might be the second best team in the league, in spite of their record. All due to potential, of course, and the fact that on paper the Packers are better than their record.

One thing is clear, Aaron has proved himself. He's poised, moves well, reads the defense well, make good decisions, and has a great arm. He may never have the numbers Brett does but that's because he doesn't do the same goofy things. Aaron is ranked 6th in the league. He certainly doesn't play like a first year quarterback.

Anyhoo, always nice to hear good things about your team by the commentators.

Celebridiot of the Day

Travis Barker, who survived a plane crash along with DJ AM, and which took the lives of 4 people, including his body guard, his assistant, and the pilot and co pilot, is now suing LearJet for the crash. Travis had this to say about the lawsuit:

"I wouldn't have been in the state I was in if I wasn't in the crash," said Barker, who spoke Sunday while at the Miss California USA event with Shanna Moakler. "I wouldn't have third-degree burns all over my body or be prohibited to do certain things. I can't go swimming. I can't do some of the things that normal people can do. I didn't ask for that to happen."
The drummer says he doesn't know if he'll win his lawsuit.
"I don't know. I just think positive. I mean, I think so—if something goes wrong that's not supposed to go wrong or you fall victim of it, I think you should be compensated."

First, what a crybaby. In spite of being incredibly fortunate to have survived a plane crash, he bellyaches about not being able to go swimming? Are you frikkin' kidding me?

But, he wins the gold star of douchery with his last comment.

Travis could well have a valid suit. But, not for the reason's he states. Many people who live through harrowing experiences are, generally, happy to be alive . . . and all too happy to give up certain "normalcies" as a trade off for life. Not Travis. Life isn't enough.

I can just see it . . . Travis, sitting on the beach on Cabo, looking out at the sunset, all bummed 'cause he can't swim. I can just hear him: "I wish I would have been dead!"


Today's Babe

Well, everyone (Chad, Elliott) seems to enjoy (Chad) when I post (Elliott) babes, so maybe I'll (Chad, Elliott) make it a regular (Chad) feature (Elliott).
Not sure what the little wife will think, but in the spirit of horny men the world over and a desire to keep the 3 or 4 readers happy, I present Kim Smith:

Haven't heard much from this girl, lately. Aside from being gorgeous, she's also a republican.

Ya know what's funny, I get the same grief at my football pool blog when I don't post cheerleader videos. Go figure.

Rosie Live!

In case I got anyone's . . . blood pressure up with my recent post of two babes and Megan Fox, here's something to help . . . deflate you.

The always entertaining Rosie O'Donnell is bringing the classic variety show back to NBC! Just as Ed Sullivan, Carol Burnett and ROWAN & MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN, captivated the hearts of audiences across the country, the unpredictable Rosie O'Donnell will bring that grand tradition to a whole new level!

This live, one-hour special will feature an array of celebrity guests, musical performances and comedic skits. You never know what will happen when Rosie takes the stage with stars such as Alec Baldwin, Alanis Morrissette, Jane Krakowski, Ne-Yo, Liza Minnelli, Rachael Ray, Harry Connick Jr., Clay Aiken, Gloria Estefan, and Kathy Griffin. In addition to these celebrity appearances, Rosie will introduce America to amazing new performers like the tap-dancing Lombard Twins and the unique speciality performers of Anti-Gravity. But that's not all. . .since it's the night before Thanksgiving, Rosie also has several surprises in store for the in-studio and at home audience!

Rosie will kick off the hour doing what she does best -- sounding off about current events, pop culture and whatever is on her mind. From there, anything can happen as Rosie, her celebrity friends and fans sing, dance, and laugh in a primetime variety show like no other.


(projectile vomit)

Second, there's not a single person listed I would bother to tune in seeing, hearing, whatever. Maybe, Connick. What a yawner.

Third, oh yeah, just what I want. To hear Blowsie "sound off about current events, pop culture and whatever is on her mind." She makes me puke. As noted above. While I wish ill on very very few people, I hope this show tanks . . . and tanks bad. She's just a vile person. But, she also lacks any actual talent. She's not funny, can't act, doesn't sing or dance, isn't a "warm" person, and makes me throw up in my mouth.

Did I mention she makes me gag?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New football rule

Interference is one of those calls that drives me nuts. There seems to be no consistency to the call. I know it's difficult. We see replays in slow motion, and from different angles . . . it's a hard call. But . . .

I'm at a point where I want an unsportsman-like penalty called on any receiver, or quarterback, that motions for an interference penalty just because they want it called.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Remember Sensurround?

I noticed Midway is playing on AMC this afternoon. Good movie. I remember seeing it in the theater. It was billed using Sensurround technology. Remember that? Essentially, specially designed sub-woofers that allows theater goers to feel the sound, as well as hear it. Pretty cool . . . at the time. Nothing new to anyone who had attended rock concerts.

The technology was refined after some problems with the sound level and some fears of structural damage due to the low frequency, but the effect of feeling the sound remained.

Years ago, my wife and I decided to redo our basement. Specifically for movie watching. We bought the big TV, and I had the surround audio system. But, I didn't have a sub woofer at first. While the wife was all for a nice TV, she didn't see much use for a sub woofer. So, I waited. I wanted that feel the sound experience one got in a theater.

It took a few years but eventually bought one. A 12" Klipsch. It was on sale and there was a rebate being offered. I set it up, and we rented a movie. I remember it well . . . The Hunt for Red October. The low frequency tones when in the sub and during torpedo launches made having the sub woofer obvious. The wife wondered why we waited so long to get it.

Over the years I've changed out components, but the sub woofer remains. If you want to get any where near close to the Sensurround feeling of 1974, you gotta have it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

From Where I Sit

Actually, from where Elliott sits. We're trying to help each other out with a back scratching orgy.

I'm in.

From Where I Sit.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

World's sexiest woman?

So this,

Is sexier than this?

Or this?!?

I don't get it.

Lori Drew vs Megan Meier

The trial against Lori Drew, the scambag mother who created a fake MySpace page to prey on Megan Meier, has started. Lori's request for a bench trial was denied. The motions to have the case dismissed were denied. The motions to have suppressed any mention of Megan's suicide were denied. Lori is charged with conspiracy and 3 counts illegal computer access. Charges normally reserved for hackers. It will be argued that Lori purposely used the internet to prey on Megan and to cause emotional distress. Megan committed suicide after receiving a note from the fake "boyfriend" that the world would be better off without her.

I can't see Lori not being found guilty. She's all but admitted doing this. Practically bragging to some friends about it. The prosecutors have witnesses who have been granted immunity in exchange for their testimony. Considering how despicable this was, it seems all but certain she'll be found guilty and do time.

I need to focus some attention on Megan, though. Clearly, she was a troubled teen. I don't know that her story is much different than that of any other typical teen in America, but she had her problems. She suffered with depression and was taking medication for it. She also had ADD. I'm sure these facts will be brought up by the defense in the case. Particularly in light of recent acknowledgement that certain anti-depressants carry a suicide warning. Fact is, though, Lori also knew that.

Anyway, I wonder about Megan's family life. I wonder about the parents. The night Megan hung herself she had gotten in to an argument with her mother. It stemmed from the internet and Megan's use of it.

Just how closely was Megan being watched and cared for?

I ask not to demonize the parents of Megan Meier. Clearly, Lori drew is subhuman. But, if we learn anything from this, one thing should be that you can't love your children too much. You can't care too much. I don't know that I'd have my 13 year old on anti-depressants, but I do know I will always have an active role in her life . . . and business. There will be boundaries. There will be limits. And, there will be consequences to resistance. For my part, I will stay informed, remain protective, and provide guidance. I won't be a helicopter parent. My daughter will need to develop her own independence. But, I won't take for granted the influence people and society can have on a young mind.

Megan Meier was victimized by Lori Drew. No question. But I have to wonder if it needed to end the way it did. Is it right to question the parenting?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paul Ryan to run for President!

WI republican representative, Paul Ryan, announced today his intention on running for President in 2012. In an exclusive interview granted only to this blog site, Ryan was quick to point out his staunch fiscal conservative views as reason and justification for starting his campaign.

"People need to know there's someone looking out for them." Ryan said.

When asked about his stance on the bailout, Ryan had this to say: "I was against the bailout, before I was for it."

Other topics of discussion included education, foreign policy, and the environment. One area he breaks with the republicans is in the area of concealed carry.

"I don't think we want to become a "wild west" society. Ryan said. "While I feel people have a right to defend themselves against bad guys, tasers is a much safer, yet effective means by which we can keep ourselves safe." Ryan pointed out the excellent track record tasers have in law enforcement. He added that tasers answer the problem of morality when dealing with aggressors.

"I'm a bible-thumper. I can't say that I'm willing to pull the trigger of a gun on a perp. But, I can sure keep him flopping on the ground like a fish out of water until the police arrive!"

Ryan intends to introduce legislation that will make tasers legal for anyone to own and carry.

When we finished our interview, Ryan climbed in to his SUV to go home. I teased him that he should be more concerned about the environment and ride a bike instead. Ryan countered: "Are you kidding? Bikes are for weenies!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AJ Hawk the reason Packers won?

The Packers anhialating the Bears raises some questions about the team. The Vikings ran all over us, we couldn't generate any offense, and we lost the game. Are the Bears that much different from the VIkings?

One thing that's different is that Hawk played middle linebacker for the Bears game. Chillar took his outside position. This worked out very well. First, Hawk might be better in the middle as he's a smart player, a sure tackler, and great against the run. His weakness has always been coverage. Chillar is faster, thus better at coverage. He played a great game. Though, we wasn't going up against a Whitton or Gonzales.

This is no knock on Barnett. But, it will be interesting to see how the defense plays the rest of the season now that Nick is out.

Middle linebacker controversy?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Packers vs Bears

Forget Sarah Palin moose hunting. Mike McCarthy went Bear hunting over the weekend. His weapons? A Grant decoy, a Woodson trap, and a Rodgers gun. In thee hours time, not only did he bag over his limit, he had them stuffed and mounted . . . and one turned in to a rug to wipe the mud off his shoes.

Whatever roar the Bears had was turned in to a whimper as the Packers dominated the Bears 37 to 3. A stellar game. Lovie Smith should have had GPS chips implanted in to his players as they where no where to be found. Orten didn't find a wide receiver until the third quarter. By then it was too late.

Maybe paper covers rock, but cheese stuffs Bears.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lori Drew, cyber bully update

The case against Lori Drew, the . . . if I may . . . assnozzle who created a fake MySpace to humiliate her daughter's friend, got a couple of breaks recently. First, Lori's request for a bench trial was denied. She'll go before a jury. Then, lawyers for Drew wanted Megan's suicide suppressed. They argued Megan's suicide wasn't related to the crime Lori committed. The judge thought otherwise:

A federal judge in Los Angeles reversed himself Friday and decided to allow prosecutors to use the 2006 death of a 13-year-old Dardenne Prairie girl, Megan Meier, in the cyber-bullying trial of former neighbor Lori Drew.

U.S. District Judge George Wu had signaled Monday that he was inclined to bar any evidence relating to the 2006 death of, saying that it was not related to the crime she's accused of and could prejudice jurors at Drew's trial, scheduled to start Tuesday.

But in a hearing Friday, Wu denied Drew's lawyers' motion to suppress any evidence of Megan's death or suicide.

Drew's lawyers had argued that Megan's death was unrelated to the charge that Drew faces, prejudicial and designed to inspire sympathy or even outrage among the jury.

In court filings, federal prosecutors said that Megan's death was essential to be able to tell a logical story to jurors and to allow witnesses to testify about what Drew allegedly did and said after Megan's death.

It also demonstrates that Drew's plot to “humiliate (Megan) and cause a troubled, depressed young girl emotional distress” succeeded, they say.

Megan and Drew's daughter had been friends but had a falling out. Prosecutors said that Drew and others, including Ashley Grills, an 18-year-old family employee at the time, created the fake online identity of a boy on the social networking site MySpace to befriend Megan and find out what she had been saying about Drew's daughter.

Hard to say what will ultimately happen, but neither of these motions bode well for Lori.


This is a hoot. Not sure what ever happened to her.

Friday Doughnut Holes

Laterna Nacht is tonight at the German Immersion school. After singing some songs, everyone marches around the school with their lanterns. It's quite a sight. Weather looks to be mild.

Brett Favre and the Jets beat the Patriots last night. I think the Pats defense is starting to get old. Their secondary sucks. Jets are on top of the division now. That draft pick for the Packers is looking better and better!

It's been said that a bailout for the auto industry is really a bailout for the union. I agree. Unless clear concessions are made and a clear business plan presented, I would not offer up anything. Let them go chapter 11.


I've said it before . . . maybe Obama will govern from the middle. I doubt it. Not because he may not want to but the pressure from Pelosi and the rest of Jurassic park, and the MoveOn crowd, will just be too great. Here in Wisconsin, we are royally screwed. As the king of blow holes, K-Man, put it, these people are too stupid to realize they're stupid. The dems, that is. The initiatives that are about to be pushed through will be staggering.

This is funny:

Anyone know what happened to Dan Diebert and the Dan and Nicole show?

I won last week's football picking challenge over at Ick's Corner. Please, please . . . get up. No need to bow.

J Gravelle must have annoyed the folks over at the UrinalSentinal so much and for so long that they gave him a community columnist job to get him to shut up already. Obviously he couldn't have paid anyone off judging by his $29 Sam's Club sport coats he wears. Congratulations, Mr. Gravelle.

Kanye West is waaaaaaay full of himself.
I would actually disagree and say that Timberlake has done more to reinvent the male solo act than has anyone else. Plus, here's a guy who . . . uh . . . tapped Britney, Scarlett, and now Jessica Biel. Kanye can't make that claim.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Packers vs Vikings

A 52 yard field away from winning. Doesn't matter who the kicker is, that's not a high percentage kick. It was close. Within 2 yards. But, as we know, close only counts with dirty bombs, horse shoes, and silent but deadlies. Sure, Crosby should have made the kick. More than that, though, McCarthy should have put his Magic 8 Ball away and called some real plays. How about that running game, Mike? Maybe you should do something to slow that rush, Mike. Rodgers was hit more often than Paris Hilton, pressured more than Kirstie Ally on a new diet plan. Rodgers was the side beef for the front four Balboa's of the Viqueens. What happened? In the first game we didn't hear Allen's name at all. This game, his name was called more than Lindsay Lohan's at the clinic. If you were like me, you'd be smart and wonderful, and you'd be wondering where the defense went. Some where along the way the defense had a Southwest Airlines moment. You know, "want to get away?" Well, they did go away. Some place in their minds quiet and warm. Not purple. The defensive line needed some Tim Allen strength gap spackle mixed in with a little Emeril BAM! Instead, they were playing a bad game of Red Rover with Petersen. Mean while, Nick Barnett is wearing a t shirt that reads: I Went to the Metrodome and all I Got Was his Lousy Torn ACL". Out for the season. Great. The sieve sprung a leak.

It makes sense.

One good thing, we can finally lay to rest the China Doll stuff about Rodgers. I'll see your broken pinky and raise you a separated shoulder. I win. Rodgers is the man.

In the end, I blame this one on McCarthy. A coach is supposed to study films of the other teams. Learn it's strengths. Exploit it's weaknesses. Hey, Mike . . . we're the team in green and gold.

Still, in spite of Petersen gaining almost 200 yards, we were 6 feet away from winning. In any other game, a team would win 52 to nothing with that kind of stat. Let's face it, Frerotte blows. He blows chunks. We can thank him for keeping the game as close as it was.

Still, I'm throwing away my purple crayons.

Cool gadgets

3M on Wednesday announced the release of its first handheld digital projector, the MPro110, meant for use in business, entertainment and field applications. Capable of projecting images between 6 and 50 inches, the MPro110 is just 4.5 inches long but can still output a 1280x768 resolution. 3M points out its new mini projector is the only one on the market with an integrated VGA port. The Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) projector can display content from connected personal multimedia devices such as digital cameras and certain MP3 players.
The LED light source provides 10,000 hours of life, does not require a fan for cooling and has no need for a lamp replacement. The MPro110 uses a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts between 40 and 60 minutes, according to 3M. The 3M MPro110 is now available for purchase in Canada at major retailers, priced at just about $360. A US release date hasn't been mentioned.

Wish I needed it.

For Chad

Isla Fisher of Wedding Crashers fame. She was also Shaggy's girlfriend in the second Scooby Doo movie.

Me likee.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh, Sherrie

One of my favs, Steve Perry:

For you Angelina fans

She's not my favorite, but this is a good picture:

This is more for me:

Final election thoughts part 2

One thing to think about . . .

In spite of the huge push by ACORN, by musicians, by hollywood, by the press, and in spite of a very unpopular president, an ongoing unpopular war, and bad economy, McCain and Palin were close. Percentage wise, democrats did better than republicans and that was the difference.

I've read where some believe McCain lost with his pick of Palin. Of course, this comes from lefty bloggers who seem to understand little of how the right thinks and operates. Let's say John picks Leiberman, or Pawlenty. Do you really think he would have done as well as he did? Do you think Joe or Tim would have been drawing those crowds? Uh, no. Not even close.

Of course, for the left that just means we're all stupid, gun tottin' bible thumpers if we think Palin was a good choice for VP. I say it shows your ignorance and inability to get past the lemming talk of the left. Believe what the news tells you, little lemmings. Don't have independent thought!

One blogger wrote that the next republican candidate cannot win if he/she doesn't embrace climate change. Wow. That gets double retard points. First, as a collective, we question whether man creates the seasons. Second, as a collective, we recognize that even if there's the possibility of the chance that maybe man causes . . . seasons . . . that it's not up to the US, ALONE, to do something about it. Lastly, as a collective, even if there is the possibility . . . you get it . . . there's a smart way to go about emission reduction. It's not cap and trade. It's not carbon play money. It's not fluorescent light bulb mandates.

Besides, does anyone really believe in man made seasons anymore? It's been so thoroughly debunked, the models flawed, the consensus not, and new reports saying it ain't so, that I figured the only one carping about it anymore was Gore. Much to most people's amusement. The most accurate of readings . . . satellites from above and robot probes in the oceans, have completely obliterated model suggestions.

Believing in man made seasons, to me, is akin to believing in the embryonic stem cell research hype.

Uh oh.

Despite the promise of "change", an unpopular president, a war, a tanking economy, huge push for democratic turn out, and a biased media, McCain did pretty good.

I feel pretty good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fox Network Announcement

In response to Obama's complaint that FOX News doesn't show enough Black and Hispanic people on their network, FOX has announced that they will now air ' America's Most Wanted' TWICE a day.

Oh, it's funny. Not sure where it came from.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Steakhouse Mushroom Swiss Burger

While nothing compares to home grilling, when it comes to a fat, juicy burger, Burger King is the best. Their new Steakhouse burger raises the bar a notch. While it's still a fast food burger, it's big, tasty, and juicy. The mushrooms and swiss make it a formidable burger.

My new favorite burger.

Sucker is expensive, though. I won't be getting too many of these.

Do we get it now?

Gas was, what? Close to $5 a gallon this past summer? As a result, people scaled back. They travelled less, they got rid of their SUV's. They conserved. I believe the numbers are between 5% and 10% the reduction in consumption.

Look at what happened.

Gas is at a low we haven't seen in years!

That's good. Conservation is good. But, the point is, look at how the market reacted.

Now, imagine what would happen if we announced we're going to start drilling for more of our own oil.

Can you hear me now?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Final thoughts about the election

I glossed over this in a comment, but I do think it's incredible that an african american worked his way all the way to the Whitehouse. It's a testiment of what America is all about. Education, desire, work, and dedication. Obama wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He worked. He strived. He accomplished. Hopefully his story will be one of inspiration and example to many young people.

But to think that his victory is some how racially healing is over reaching. Crime won't go down in the inner city. Truancy won't suddenly reduce. Rap lyrics won't suddenly become positive in its message.

I'd like to think Obama will inspire some to understand that to get ahead in this country means to stay in school, make good decisions, and apply yourself. Not to think that the government will provide for you. Pheisty had an excellent post about the speakers at the Democratic convention and that none of them mentioned the great government programs that helped them get ahead. No. They all spoke of dreams and hard work.

Unquestionably, having an african american as president looks good to the rest of the world. America has suddenly become progressive. As far as that goes, I don't care. Question is, will Obama command respect from other country's leaders?

As for McCain, we should remember he wasn't that far off from Obama on many issues. If McCain had won, we would have had a republican president and a democratic congress. I do think the country would have become stagnant. McCain lost, and Hillary lost, in some part because many were done with Clinton and Bush.

Speaking of Hillary, I'll also give Obama kudos for winning the nod over her. Many felt she was a shoo in. The heir to the throne. Going up against and defeating the Clinton machine was quit an accomplishment.

Anyway, as I also mentioned in a post, I was shocked to see McCain constantly winning primaries. I liked MCain as an Arizona senator, but not as presidential candidate. Of the bunch, I liked Huckabee. Romney was too plastic, Gulianni was too centrist, and Thompson was too boring. My support for McCain was simply a resignation of the nominee.

Then came Sarah. A conservative. A babe. Me likee. After all that has happened, I still think Sarah was a smart choice. She energized the base to a point where she was drawing bigger crowds than McCain himself. She threw the left and the press in to full panic mode. The attacks were immediate. No surprise. But the initial attacks were a bunch of lies. Even now, after the election, the lies continue. Fallout in the ranks? No one knows for sure. Each story is being debunked. For all we know, the leak isn't from within.

If there were any surprises on election night, it came from conservative wins. Too few, to be sure, but some solace to the party.

As for the party, I think they're finally getting the message. Less government. More local power. Individual liberty. Less spending. Lower taxes. Free market. Don't be afraid of these values. Embrace them. Campaign on them.

What am I afraid of? National security. Foreign policy. Environmental regulations. Liberal judges. To a degree, we can be thankful our economy is down as it severely limits what the new administration can do as far as raising taxes or increasing spending is concerned. That's an incredibly dopey thing to say, I know. Many would prefer the economy to be flourishing. But, that would be a sure path to spending nirvana.

It appears Obama might be fiscally central. This may not bode well with Pelosi and the rest of Jurassic park. But, I'm actually somewhat confident the economy will turn around.

With all this said, I'm ready to move on and embrace our new president. I'll be watchful. I'll be critical. But, I'll be fair. I've given nods to both Dole and Barrett when I thought they've deserved it. I can do the same for Obama.

Locally, I'm not so optimistic.

Friday Doughnut Holes

I paid 2.19 for gas this morning. Amazing. I think Belling said we would never see gas under $3 again. Oops.

Winter is on the way. Bummer.

Going home in the dark is so much different than when it's light out. I get home. I put my comfies on.

I watched a part of the Thursday night game on my computer. Stupid Browns. I'm already a pick down in the pool.

It's Friday! No plans! The wife is going out so I get to spend the night with my girlie. Hmm. Maybe if the wife has a few . . .


Nick's taking a vacation from blogging. A month, he says. Yeah right. First article he sees about tasers and he'll be furiously typing away.

This past Tuesday, Drinking Right assembled again. The Papa's election was held and, do do do dooooo! Fred won!! Fred, ever the orator, said this in his acceptance speech:

"Thanks. I'm leaving."


Party hat guy was no where to be found. Likely his girl friend wouldn't let him go out and play.

Ally closed up shop . . . again. Busy girl.

Flyboy continues to insult me. I never noticed how short he was.

Milwaukee was one of the cities featured on Speeders last night. The cop stopped two kids from Chicago. Ha!

Gus Frerotte starts for the VIkings. Hope he brings some mouthwash. He's gonna be eating a lot of dirt.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Whaddaya mean, not the Messiah?!

Anticipation was high, and now so is expectation. So much so, face-lifted Pelosi has to issue statements telling everyone that "change" may come slowly. And that people should be patient. Of the expectations . . .

Alderman in Chicago are expecting cash. Money for their districts.

Supporters and money raisers in Pennsylvania are waiting to see how they will benefit. Posibly as part of his administration.

African communities believe they will prosper as a result of Barack becoming President.

Even on an individual level, many believe Obama will help them prosper., and other far left demoncrats, will surely pressure Pelosi to pressure Obama to govern in a manner they see fit.

All the while, moderate democrats and republicans and others with brains will do what they can to buffer any bold moves.

The Whole World's Watching, Obama.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Made me laugh out loud

And I'm at work!

Anyway, sometimes it doesn't take much. The AsianBadger has a post . . . I don't even know what it's about . . . where he uses the word . . .


Oh, man. That made my morning.

Now I'll go back and read it.

The Day After

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Hee heeeee

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Roy Jones Jr

Geez. I don't think I've ever blogged about boxing except to ridicule it in the Olympics. I used to follow it pretty closely. Of course, it used to be a respectable sport. That ended a long time ago. Ever since Lenox, cheater pants, Lewis won the heavyweight title, I've gotten away from it.

Part of the reason, as indicated by the Olympics, is that the boxers are just a bunch of thugs. No skill, no class, no personality, no tactics. Just mug and wail.

These days, the ring is an octagon and the fighters are mixed martial arts or ultimate fighters. It takes ring fighting to a whole new level. It's not for everybody. Even boxing fans. But, it has gained in popularity.

Anyway, if you were to ask me who I thought the greatest boxer is of all time, I would have difficulty choosing between Roy Jones Jr and Muhammad Ali. Jones certainly attained far more than Ali. Yet, Ali was a master craftsman in the ring. I suppose if I imagine the two of them fighting . . . all things being equal I think Jones would win.

Well, like Ali did after retirement, Jones is about to enter the ring again. This Saturday he faces super middle weight champion, 36 year old Joe Calzaghe. A boxer who has dominated the weight class for the last 10 years and wants to retire after this fight.

Never heard of him.

Jones hasn't had the best last several years losing and being knocked out by opponents. Still, he's got mad skillz and belts in four different weight categories.

Calzaghe is unbeaten in 45 fights and recently beat Bernard Hopkins, another formidable fighter.

Interestingly, this fight has no title belt. Says a lot for Jones who at one time wouldn't have considered anything less than a title fight. Whether in defense or challenge.

Who will win? I've watched clips of Joe and I think he's a good match for Roy's style of fighting. Roy can win. But, he'll need to dig deep, establish early, and use his counter punching skills like he's never used them before.

Funny. As off the charts as boxing is, this match is still pay per view. Stupid.

What did I say?

Dick Morris:

Dear Fellow American,

Now that Barack Obama has won the election, one thing is certain... he will preside over the largest expansion of the government's role in the economy since the 1930s -- with enormous consequences for your investments.
This "New New Deal," as some Democrats are already calling it, may well have the same result as the original one: to turn a sharp, painful recession into a long Depression.

Will that set the stage for a GOP president in 2012 -- the way '70s stagflation under Jimmy Carter set the stage for Ronald Reagan? I doubt it. More likely, Obama will be able to parlay the hard economic times into a second term.

How? The same way FDR did… by blaming everything that happens on his watch on his predecessors. The worse things get, the more the Obamacrats will blame it on "eight years of Republican deregulation, tax cuts and greed," calling for even more government intervention as the solution.

And the media, of course, will back them up.

Sarah Palin vs Hillary Clinton 2012

Think of that, would ya!

Hillary will be 65 then. While 72 is obviously older, I wonder how many will think her too old to be president?

You know what? While the thought of it makes me verp, I hope Palin starts campaigning right away.

Oh, it will still be Bush's fault

One thing I keep hearing as a piece of good news is that things will finally not be Bush's fault.

Are you f*cking joking?

If there is a backlash, it will have to come completely and decisively from the voters. Obama will get HUGE passes as EVERYTHING will continue to be Bush's fault.


Clinton. There's a lot that can be pinned on the Clinton years. A lot. But, there ain't a liberal worth his granola that will admit it. Neither will the press.

No, my friends, Bush bashing will go on, and on, and on, and on.

We're screwed

If nothing else, one can always turn to the sanity of local government to help buffer things on the national level. After all, we're closer to government and representatives are a bit more vulnerable.

This is where I'm particularly at a loss. Obama is one thing. Here in Wisconsin, we're screwed. This state has lost all perspective on politics and government. At JSonline there's a poll asking people if you think we'll be better off in 4 years . . .

It's 60 to 40 percent NO!!! WTF?!?!

Now, the day isn't over. That could well change. But there's close to 9000 votes on it already. Are you kidding me? What is wrong with people?

The Dems now control everything in this state, and are we going to pay for it.

Taxes. Raised. A lot. All levels, across the board.

School choice. Say good bye.

Government healthcare. Say hello.

Rail initiatives. Say hello.

Paired with national democrats, businesses will be regulated and taxed.

Jobs? Say good bye.

Unemployment. Up. A lot.

The only good news is that Wisconsin democrats will over reach. I'm sure they're slobbering with power right now. They won't know how to contain themselves and will take this state right in to the toilet. I would hope the backlash would be huge.

Congratulations Wisconsin. Hope you're happy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did IQ's drop significantly in the past few weeks?

Both referendums are poised to pass. Sick pay will now be mandated by the government. Never mind your business, business size, pay rate, other benefits . . . businesses will now have to offer 9 days paid sick leave.

And . . .

Our sales tax will now rise by 1% making Milwaukee a tax island. This ought to be real good for businesses near the borders. Your stuff is now more expensive and you have to pay out 9 days of sick leave.

Whaddaya mean you're moving out of the city?

I need to say this. Some people are too stupid to vote.

Ain't gonna play nice

Fact is, what ever shit happens locally and nationally, will affect me. So, there's a large part of me that desires things go well for the country and the state. We're all in this together, so to speak, and we should all hope the same. It's in our best interest.

The problem with that, though, is those who represent us aren't acting in our best interest. Politics has become a platform for special interest, minority groups, and self importance. I'm all too willing to go along with the majority, but only if we're all given a fair chance. We're not. I have two issues with this election.

One. It was bought. Forget about everything else . . . and there's a lot . . . Obama bought this election. 600 million? That's gross. It's beyond excessive. One could argue, why not? If people are supportive of a candidate and donate more money, what's the issue? Principal, for one. It means elections can be bought by the more powerful special interest groups. Elections shouldn't be about the rich getting their candidate elected every time. Elections should be about the people deciding, not special interests.

Two. The press helped Obama win. McCain never had a chance with the press.

No question, McCain's campaign wasn't strong. Parts of it stunk. Plus, he wasn't the ideal Republican candidate. In fact, it still amazes me he received the nomination over the other Republicans. So, take the two issues I have with this election out of it and I still think Obama would have won. The "Change" platform served Billy Clinton well. Stands to reason it would work again. Particularly with an unpopular president. Of course, no really knew what the change was. There was a scant record to go on, when he did decide to show up an vote. How the change platform came about is anyone's guess as Obama was more about the status quo in his districts than he was about change. What did it mean? Mostly that he wasn't Bush. But, now that he's president, what does it mean? What is this change?

Here's the thing. Ok, he won. Great. First black president. Kudos. Really. I have to be honest, I care little that he's black and more that he has crazy ideas. Actually, that Pelosi and her ilk have crazy ideas that Obama will simply rubber stamp.

But, let's see what this "change" is. He's made some way out there sort of campaign promises. Let's see what happens.

But, be nice? Forget it. As a Republican I put up with the vile, hate, ridicule, directed toward GW Bush and some in his administration. Even Dennis Miller said we need to stop the hate, Fuck that. Let's see how much fun it will be to be continually lobbing the ridicule, the condemnation, the he's an idiot barbs and comments Obamas way. Let's see how he handles it, and let see how the bloggers handle it.

Point is . . . he's under a microscope now. Everything he says, and does is out there for fair review and critique. And it will be. As will be the other members of congress. We can start with what he's promised and what he'll eventually deliver on.

So, have at it Obama. The whole world is watching. Particularly me. And I ain't gonna be nice about it.