Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Packers vs Broncos

I hate to admit it, but I picked against the Packers this week. I still managed 11 correct over at Fraley's blog besting everyone else. In fact, at the WISN contest, I'm 29 out of about 650. In the upper 95%! Not bad. Anyway . . .

I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be Bigby had the Packers lost. Granted, there was lots of football after he committed his fouls (something like 60 yards of penalties all by himself!) but his penalties were just stupid. Plus, he looked a little like he didn't care. Something that doesn't go over well with Packer fans.

Over shadowing that, though, was Favre's performance and the touchdown passes he threw. You love him, you hate him. You get it all with Favre. Can you imagine? Going from complete fist pumping elation when Elam nailed his field goal to total devastation one offensive play later.

Denver might be mile high, but Green Bay is feeling higher today.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Don't let the door hit you in the . . .

The JS reported that Jesus Salas resigned after the budget was finialized because of frustration over the lack of more tax dollars for illegal immigrants. Specifically, an in-state tuition provision for the children of illegal immigrants wanting to attend college. To be honest, I think it's wrong to punish the children for what the parents did, but I'm tired of my tax money going to suport those who came in to this country illegally. Our economy is burdoned enough. Other reasons the regent resigned:

• Signing the Real I.D. legislation, which requires applicants for Wisconsin driver's licenses
to show proof of legal residency.

• Signing legislation that ended a program in which Wisconsin's housing authority financed
mortgages for people without Social Security numbers.

While I sympathize with those kids who may have counted on tuition help, these other provisions in the law are exactly what I'm talking about. Why would anyone oppose this? One would think these provisions would apply whether an illegal or not! Well, to Jesus Salas . . .

Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Soda Conspiracy?

Whenever I order a soda at a fast food drive thru, I always order my soda with no ice. Not that I don't like cold, or have filling issues, or feel I'm getting more for the money. It's simply that I don't like my soda becoming diluted with water. It takes me the better part of the afternoon to drink it all and if there's ice in it it tastes like watered down coke . . . or whatever flavor I opted for. I don't mind room temperature soda but I hate watered down soda. Thus, no ice.

Well, I'm pretty sure there's something going on and they're all in on it. On more than one occasion I've grabbed my soda and had it spill all over the place because the cover wasn't on properly. This never happens with an "iced" drink. Conincidence? I think not. I think they think I'm being cheap and this is their little way of getting back at me.

Well, I'm on to 'em. I ain't spillin' no mo!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Children . . . evil?

I've read on a few blogs recently, peoples various encounters with children. The bloggers are generally witty with their stories, but the responses they receive are nothing short of shocking to me. That, or people really don't know how to be funny.

For the longest time, I didn't want children. Before I married I made it a real point to let my wife know that. Well, she wanted kids. So, we agreed we would wait and possibly have one.

It wasn't that I didn't like kids. I did. A lot. I was that "kid magnet guy". Always playing with the kids as an adult and having fun. I just knew that a child would put a real cramp in the time I wanted for myself, and for my wife, Jackie. I was selfish. Plain and simple. But, as each of our friends had a child, the defenses wore down. The final brick was the birth of my neice. I became very attached to her . . . and her to me. It was time. After being married 17 years, we had a child.

But, the point of this isn't to tell my story. The point is, I've been on both sides as an adult. I know what it's like not wanting to be bothered with kids and conversely, having one of your own. The bottom line . . . kids are not evil. The are not the devil reincarnate. Mostly, they are not to blame.

Kids make noise. They make noise when having fun and they make noise when they're fighting. Some are louder than others, but they all make noise. Kids making noise never bothered me. That's not to say I understand that there's a point at which it needs to be controlled. I don't know that outside in their own backyard is one of those places in need of control, but I know kids making noise isn't everyone's favorite thing. My wife and I have our daughter fairly well trained. From very young on we made it a point to say "inside voices, please" and made sure that she understood the difference between being at home and being out in public. More than that, we were sure to step in when there was fighting. There was no way, if we were within earshot, that fighting would be tolerated. Much less, fighting that resulted in screaming kids.

That's the bottom line. Clearly there are good kids and . . . spirited kids. But kids know only what their allowed to know and what they can get away with. I know people jest. I know it makes for good stories. But the children are not to blame. It's up to the parents to take the time and make the effort. Kids are not evil. If anything at all, they are the epitome of innocence. I find it appaling people would be so thoughtless and callous as to call children evil and make it sound as though they are the bane of our existence, and need, at best, to be tolerated and, at worst, to be silenced. I can't imagine a world without children. They keep me young. They make me smile and laugh. They love unconditionally. They have no bias. They need less maintenance than most adults. They forgive and forget.

And if the worst part of your day is listening to the noise children make, then I am truly envious.

Friday, October 12, 2007

My daughter is so proud!

Actually, she was cowering away a little.

This is actually old news. But, I've been waiting for the picture proof to be sent to me bya friend of a friend . . . and that hasn't happened yet. Darn it! Anyway . . .

So, the family is at Germanfest this past summer. My daughter attends the German Immersion school and the school is participating in the parade. Also, my wife volunteered at one of the beer tents so we had a few reasons to be there.

After the parade, and while my wife was pouring, my daughter and I go to the kids area where Disney Jams has set up. I was hoping Jamie would see a few of her friend there, but she didn't. So we sat for a while and listened to the DJ's. They did a good job. A guys and a few girls really worked the crowd. A lot of kids were dancing to the music. I told Jamie she could go and dance but, you know how it is . . . you don't know anybody . . . you feel sort of exposed. Well, the DJ's held some contests. One was a trivia contest on, of all things (and of course) Germany! It was geared for the kids so the questions weren't that hard but Jamie was agast when she knew all the answers and saw the prizes they were handing out. Well, then she went down.

After a bit they held another contest and called for the parents. Oh boy. Well, I had to lead by example so I started to the dance floor. I was too late. Three pairs of a kids and their parent were chosen by the time I got there. It was an easy contest. A ball toss in a basket over the head sort of thing. Anyway, I stayed on the dance floor with my daughter and danced with her for a couple of tunes. OK. Now it gets good.

They held another contest and, again, wanted some parents . . . only parents. I raised my hand and looked as eager as I could . . . and got chosen. So, there I was with two other moms participating in a Radio Disney contest. I saw one of the girls walking up to us with toy blow up guitars and knew immediately what was about to happen. And I knew right then I was going to win.

Sure enough, it was an air guitar contest to some 80's music. They provided us each with a guitar and a wig to wear. It was basically our job to "air guitar" the best we could to a song for the crowd. Again, I thought unless this was Lita Ford and Joan Jett standing next to me, I was going to win. For my daughter, of course!

The song was "What I like About You". There's isn't much from the 80's I don't know but I figured it helped to know the song. For those who may not know, I am a guitarist, a lead guitarist. I've played on stage, and have no shame. I was a cross between Gene Simmons and Eddie Van Halen doing every guitar trick, making every facial expression, and strutting around like a pagen god . . . I'm pretty sure I saw my daughter hiding behind someone.

While I'd like to think that as the only male participant in front of a crowd of mostly females had a lot to do with my winning, I'm pretty sure it had to do more with being able to make a bigger fool of myself than the other two women. I was, of course, gracious in winning. My prize was a Spy Kids 3 3D DVD. Nice! We've seen it but didn't own it.

Afterward, once the horror of it passed, my daughter was very proud of me. She told all of her friends.

So there. I won on Radio Disney!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Take a moment . . . take lots of moments

The tragedy that took place in Crandon should remind us all how precious life is, and how precious the people in our lives our. While this sort of thing is extremely rare and we have no reason to live in fear, we should take a moment . . . take lots of moments . . . to let those close to us know we love them. My heart goes out to all the families affected by this.

Packers vs Da Bears

Well, this is a no brainer. Look at the previous 4 weeks as compared to the Bear game. Very few mistakes. Almost no turnovers or penalties. The Packers virtually handed the game to the Bears. Not to say that the Bears didn't play well in spots . . . they did. They certainly made a better adjustment than did the Packers at half time. But, this is no division winning team. I predict they will lose against the Vikings this weekend. As for the Packers, what this does show, is that they need to play mistake free football to increase their chances of winning.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Just a loser

So, Britney Spears lost custody of her children. I'm sure she'll go out tonight anyway.

I question my own willingness to bother with this. By doing so it makes me part of the problem . . . giving her too much attention. But, I can't help it.

This really makes me sick. First, she had no business having kids in the first place. She's not smart, not a good parent, not a good role model, and has actually put the children in harms way. Of course, look at where the kids are now . . . with Federline. Who might just be a point or two smarter than Britney. Since Brit's as dumb as a rock, that's not saying much. Now, I know with money you can have the children raised by nannies and the like, sent away to school, and in general just not be bothered with them. Then, why have them in the first place? It's sick. What kind of up bringing is that? What's more, if Twitney wants to kill herself with self indulgence, fine. But she's brought two lives into this world who have done nothing wrong to deserve the likes of her as a mommy. And in spite of her, love her, need her, and call her mommy. She's done nothing to deserve these kids and their love.

The only good thing is that they're young enough to forget a lot of this.

Favre, the greatest ever?

This was the topic of discussion on the radio this afternoon. I didn't hear the entire segment but what I did hear about 3 said "yes" and about 3 said "no". For various reasons. Of course, not only are the Packers 4 and 0, but Brett has broken a couple of long standing records and will surely set new ones that won't be broken anytime soon . . . if ever. So, is he the greatest quarterback of all time?

On the one hand, he has only one Superbowl win. Let's not forget how god awful he can look. Also, he's not that accurate. It's safe to say he's no Joe Montana.

But . . .

He absolutely personifies the game. He's quick to get on his receivers for blowing a route and quick to pat the helmet of whoever put a good hit on him. Everybody likes him. Everybody. He's well respected. While his numbers prove he's deserving of a place in football history and the Hall of Fame, it's his attitude and love of the game that truly defines him. When I think of the other great quarterbacks, Montana, Bradshaw, Fouts, Marino . . . I can't help but think that part of their greatness came from the rest of their team, their receivers, and running backs. Favre makes a team great all by himself. Like the others, he's best when he has a supporting cast. But he's great all by himself. If you look at his carreer with the Packers, I don't think you could say he's ever had a Rice, Winslow, Duper, or Swann equivalent on the team. I mean no disrespect. I just think that the Packer's success has been largely due to Brett Favre.

Because of that, yes. I think he's the greatest ever to play the position.