Friday, September 21, 2007

Packers Week 2 against the Giants

What a difference a week makes! While the running game needs some obvious improvement, the offense sure showed up in a big way. Must be nice to be Favre! The defense continues to be strong. Over all, an incredeble performance over another good NFC team. We're on top in the division.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Packers Week 1 against the Eagles

A few thoughts:

1. The defense won this game, as did special teams. Nice job by our kickers.

2. Third and one on your own 12 (there abouts) and you go for the bomb? WTF?

3. Jones and Bubba need to learn how to get open.

4. This will likely become a common theme . . . no running game. This will put a lot of pressure on Favre. It will also make it easy for defenses to figure out our schemes.

5. We played and won against a very good team. While I think we got a little lucky, we kept them from scoring and did what we had to to win the game. It's easy to forget that. Also, this is an NFC win. That's important.

6. Favre wasn't perfect, yet he showed signs of his greatness. He also showed signs of his knuckleheadedness. But it didn't bite us in the butt.

7. Chicago lost. Minnesota and Deteroit won. Good for us.



Well, who ever directed the fashion show directed this pile of steamy turd. Wow. First, Twitney Spear's performance was . . . embarassing, at best. Second, would someone please tell Sara Silverman she's not funny . . . please? Third, the show was a mess. It was difficult to watch. The one bright spot for me was Rhiannon. Although I hated her hair and outfit, I like her, and was happy to see her win.

The most baffling part of the show was the fight between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee. Were they fighting over Pam? If so, are you kidding? Plastic-filled, lip-injected, fat-suctioned, no-talent skank Pam?


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fashion and Music

In the past, MTV has aired a Fashion and Music event. I recall the first one's I watched being pretty cool. Basically, a fashion show set to live music. The music came from various bands. Mostly lesser known. WHich made it all the more cool as you got to see new fashions and hear new music.

Well, I've tried to keep up with MTV over the years. I'm not sure when it lost me, but certainly as it became less and less about music and more and more about absolutely pathetically stupid shows, I tuned in less often. I remember having it on all day on saturdays as I cleaned the house! Not anymore.

Anyway, the fashion and music shows came and went. I haven't seen one in a while. Well, suddenly I see one airing on VH1. So I DVR it. I watched it tonight. A few thoughts:

First, what idiot thought that jerkbag Jeremy Piven was a good choice to MC this show? What a douche. He stunk.

Second, the title is music and FASHION . . . ? Where's the fashion?! Oh . . . way at the end of the show! A couple of token runway shows!

Third, all the music was by popular artists. Aerosmith, Usher, Fergie, Avril . . . and others. Which isn't so bad but I preferred the lesser known music better. One performer was Jen Lopez. I just don't get her appeal. She doesn't sing that well and dances as if she's wearing hoofs.

Pretty boring, all in all. Too bad. It's a good concept.