Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vickenstein and other monsters

The monster has been caught and is receiving his just due, so far. Between the suspension, dropped deals, and NFL pay, Mike Vick has paid big time already. And there's more to come with his prison sentence.

While I have no sympathy for Vikenstein, I wish we felt the same fury over people that leave babies for dead, people who kill while driving drunk, and people who, in general, commit abuses toward children.

Of course, it would be great if we got this worked up about crime in general, but I'll take what I can get.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

10 - 6

That's my official Packer prediction. When I look at their schedule, I can see them winning ten games. They'd do better if they had a running game, but they don't. Which is too bad . . . and kind of aggrevating as they had/have money to spend. A good tight end would also be nice but if Bubba reclaims the hands he once had, we could be OK. Also, if they go to a primarily passing offense we'll be OK.

Our defense could rank in the top 5.

The other things in our favor is our weak division, and a not so terrible schedule. We could lose the first three games. I don't think we will, but we could. None the less, we end up 10 - 6. That will win us the division and, of course, get us in to the playoffs.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Miles to go before I sleep

Yes, summer is almost at an end. At least as far as summer vacation goes. There's till plenty of good weather to come and things to do for fun. Let's have a looksie . . .

Labor Day weekend brings the St. Martin fair in Franklin. If you want to know where all the mullets have gone, you'll find them here.

Weekend after that is TosaFest, a street festival with food, entertainment, and lots of people. Fewer mullets, too.

Weekend after that, Cedarburg's Harvestfest. Lots-o-fresh produce and typical fair fare. The grape stomp, and grape spittin' contest are highlights.

End-o-the month is HarvestFest at the State Fair grounds. Kind of a sleeper festival, it's a great time for the family!

Oh yeah, don't forget to help your children with their homework!

(Burp) Excuse me

So, experts in Norway have determined that the methane gas expelled from a burping (or farting) moose is equivalent to that of a car that has traveled 13,000km's. Methane gas is considered more damaging than carbon gas. So, farting cows, burping moose, having large families, walking to the store instead of driving, . . . even trees themselves . . . contribute to global warming.


Friday, August 17, 2007

And the winner is . . .

Best food at the Fair . . . the London Broil Sandwich! I managed to get to the fair 5 times and had something different each visit. While the Wisconsin building has the best value for food, that London Broil sandwich is hard to beat. Piled high with onions, peppers, and BBQ sauce . . . it was great.

Cream Puff as they were meant to be

Need I say more?

My daughter Jamie (on the left) and my niece Paige enjoying their cream puffs at the fair. For the record, I didn't have one. I opted for cheesecake on a stick instead.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Favorite Fair Food

I've been to the Fair three times now. Two more to go. At this point, I would have to say my favorite food is the London Broil sandwich found at the stand next to the track. Pile on some onions and various peppers and you've got heaven. Coming in second is the baked potato found in the Wisconsin building. I like the funnel cakes, but at Germanfest you got about 4 times the amount of serving. My daughter can easily finish her own portion.

Two more days, though. Things could change.

Fairest of the Fair

I made this first observation about the Fair a few years back. Which is, how is it there are cute young girls in the animal buildings doing all of the cleaning and such? I don't mean to stereotype, but these girls would look more at home modeling in some catalog than scooping poop at the State Fair.

Second, the days of the bare-midriff and low-cut jeans seem to be finally at an end. The only hold outs are the older women who still think they can wear the style even though they never could . . . or should have . . . and still can't. This is good. First, no matter who the girl, I'm not interested in looking at her butt crack. Or at her thong. Second, the low-cut jeans were also a mistake for a lot of women to wear. More than that, though, they were awfully low, at times. A little cleavage is one thing. That kind of exposure I don't need my daughter to wear. I'm happy it's ran its course.