Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going out with my . . . woman?

My wife will not take my daughter to McDonalds. It's always been my thing to do. Mostly because my wife hates McDonalds and partially because she like to introduce my daughter to different things. As for my daughter, she has always enoyed going to McDoalds with me, and I've enjoyed taking her. She likes the fires and, of course, likes the toy they give out.

So, the other day we were home and I suggested we go out to eat. Now, I'll often pick the Mayfair Mall food court as my daughter can get a taco (she loves those!) and I can get something else. Can't say McDonals is my favorite, either. Well, she says to me: "Daddy . . . I want to go somewhere, but I really don't want to go to Mcdonalds. I want you to take me somewhere nice."

(You hear the sound of me hitting the ground having fainted.)

Wow. I did't know what to say at first! I agreed, of course, but felt a little funny about it. Again, my wife takes her to nice places all the time. As a family we go to nice places all the time. I guess that was the funny part . . . this would be the first time I took my daughter to a nice place by myself. I felt kinda weird. But I was looking forward to it!

In the end we stayed in and I made her a nice meal. There was a new Zak and Cody on and she didn't really want to miss it even though she knows I can DVR it. Oh well, next time. I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have to admit. I feel sorry for women at times. There exists huge cultural and societal definitions and pressures that make day to day living very . . . well, if nothing else, time consuming. Now, I'm not a fan of the "french woman" as it pertains to body hygene. But I also hate the extremes that women here go to to make themselves look . . . like a woman! One of the things I have always found attractive in a woman is their natural beauty. All of my close girlfriends (and my wife) were (are) women that are to me naturally beautiful. Now, I understand a woman shouldn't have a uni-brow, mustache, or other hair that would focus one's attention. Even men have to "groom" from time to time. I'm mostly talking about the incredible lengths in terms of hair and make up some women go through to make themselves, to themselves, look presentable. Women! It's not necessary! I remember the wife of a guy I used to work with. Her makeup had to have been applied with a trowel. One day he came to see me at work and had this "girl" with him. Honest to gosh, I didn't recognize her . . . but thought she was cute. I thought she was some kid! It was his wife! OMG!

I bring this up because of some pap' sites posting picture of Pam Anderson sans makeup. Now, I'm no fan-o-Pam. At all. Whatsoever. I don't think she's hot, a babe, and hate everything she's done to herself in the name of popularity. It's gross. But, these pictures reminded me of what hse was like when she first appeared in Playboy. She was cute! In fact, in spite of what I just said, I didn't think she looked that bad in the recent pictures. Certainly much better than when she's got all the clown makeup on. I find this to be true more often than not of women I see without makeup on.

While there's something to be said for a glamed up woman, I'll always choose one who's comfortable with their own image and doesn't feel it necessary to spend an hour a day making themself look "presentable".

Monday, April 16, 2007

What I'll miss

My girlie turned 7 a couple of months ago. Every birthday of my daughter's, my wife and I will spend time throughout the day telling Jamie just what was going on on the day she was born. It's mostly for us, of course, but my daughter seems to get a kick out of it. It got me wondering when she'll get sick of hearing it. Maybe never. I'd like to think there are certain bonds a child will always have with their parents. Some are obvious. I hope there are many. But, who knows? There are the little nuances that make up a family that again, hopefully, don't get lost over time. I'd like to think that when I'm 80 she'll still love hearing the stories. It will define us.

Well, that got me thinking . . . what else will change? What else will stay the same? What will I miss? This is a little pathetic as my daughter is only 7 years old. But I already miss a few things. Believe it or not, changing a diaper. You couldn't pay me to do it on another child before my daughter was born . . . and you couldn't pay me enough to make we do it now. My own child was different. Never bothered me. Also, I used to sit up and sleep with her when she got sick. We'd both be wrapped in a blanket on the recliner. We still do that, but not all night. It's more comfy in bed.

What else? I've always held her feet when we slept together, still do that now. We enjoy shopping together. School and her friends. She likes it when I'm around. Watching her play. Drying her off after a shower or bath. Brushing her teeth. Buying toys. Dressing her.

I know, there's a lot to look forward to. Things I've yet to experience.

I'll just miss those things as well someday.

Mostly, though, I'll miss her just being a child. Unfettered, unbiased, devoid of influence and pressure. The world revolves around her and everything I do is to either protect her, or to help her protect herself . . . to function without the parents. Everything we do, everyday, prepares her for a world without our help. I'll be proud, but I will miss these days.