Thursday, January 18, 2007

Higher Callings

I read the reports about Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes. I never thought much about Angelina. She's not attactive to me, she's not a good actress, and always came off as somewhat weird. Now, I don't mind weird, but hers is a strange weird. I was willing to cut her some slack, though as she very much puts her money where her mouth is. And this doesn't appear to be a "fad", or something just to make herself look good (well . . .). It appears that she is genuine about her work. Fine. Maybe we need more people like her. But, she comes off not only as someone who is better than you, she comes off as waaaaaay better than you. That just repulses me. She always came off as very full of herself. Now, you'd think she was queen of the world.

Coincidently, I read this article:

It made think a bit about people who develop this calling to do things like this. I really don't understand it. I don't really want to, either. To become so overly consumed by the drive to try and make a difference in the world . . . and not just make a difference, but make a difference on a grand scale . . . is puzzling to me. At what point does this ambition become stupid? Take Andrea. Wouldn't common sense tell you that putting yourself in that situation will raise the chances of getting hurt? Or killed? What good are you then? And what possible difference have you made?

I have a 6 year old daughter. Soon to be 7. That's all the inspiration I need to make a difference in this life. As well for my wife and close family. I'm no coward. But I won't walk across a minefield in an attempt to make a name for myself.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Golden Globes

Certainly more interesting than the People's Choice Awards, the Globes are thought of as an early indicator of the Oscars. Not sure if that's true, but the show is better over all. Of the winners, America Ferrera (sp?) for Ugly Betty, Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock and Bill Nighy for Gideon's Daughter. Three actors I really like, and two shows I watch. Sometimes, though, it's not who wins but who doesn't win. I was glad Desperate Housewives didn't win anything. Also, Jeremy Piven (jackass), Julia Dreyfuss (annoying), Annette Bening (drunk and annoying) and Kiefer Sutherland (he has enough already). Of course, half the fun are the fashions . . . I thought Jennifer Hewitt looked great, as did Sienna Miller. Though, I'm not crazy about the shiney face thing going on lately. Cameron Diaz looked like an alien space ship stewardess, Patricia Arquette looked particularly unattractive. I thought Gillian Anderson looked attractive but had a stupid dress on. While I like her a lot, America's dress needed to fit better in the . . . uh . . . Globes. Spilling out understates it. Most of the guys looked good. On to the Oscars!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

People's Choice?

So, I watched the People's Choice Awards the other night. Award shows are a bit of a guilty pleasure. They're stupid in that how can you really compare films and performances against one another, but . . . a few thoughts.

The PCA is really worthless. Who votes for this? Especially, who votes for the initial nominations? Two of the "best" comedies are Click and The Break Up? Wow. What kills me, though, is how everyone acts as though they've won an Oscar . . . thanking the studio, manager, producer, director . . . geez. Who cares?

I like how these shows tend to reveal things about people. I used to think that Hillary Swank, Halle Barry, and Charlize Theron seemed like "nice" women. Nope. As egomaniacal as any of them. How they carried on after winning an Oscar. You'd think they'd found a cure for cancer!

As for the PCA's . . . about 6 references to Britany Spears and underwear, often only three nominations in a category, no tribute to the passed, and only Masi Oki (from Heroes) acknowledged the other shows during his acceptance speech. Goes to my earlier point. He seems nice.

Of course, I like to see what the women wear. From what I saw, nothing too outrageous and nothing too spectacular. There was one rather skinny presenter wearing a rather low cut dress that looked bad . . . too boney.

Well, up next . . . the Golden Globes!

Child's insight

Tonight my daughter told my wife that the reason she doesn't like going to bed is that she doesn't like saying good-bye to the day.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Lighter out later!

I noticed driving home from work that it was 5:30 and the sun was still setting. The longer days are starting Well, this made me pretty happy. I went home, cleaned the kitchen and decided to make Chicken Stew. Diced up some chicken, carrots, celery, cooked potato, added some peas, and a few string beans. Little of this and that and it turn out great! Big vat of it, too. Back before Jamie came along I cooked a lot. Jackie worked full time and I was often home first. So, I did the cooking. After Jamie came along Jackie was home more and she started doing all the cooking. That's the way it has stayed. Every now and then I flex my cooking muscle and whip something up. It's fun. One can be creative and work with their hands. I'm anal, though. I have to start with a clean kitchen, I need certain knives and sharp, prefers no one help. I hate sharing the glory of a great meal. While I work I clean up. Little is left when I'm ready to plate. This stew turned out great. Tomorrow I'll grab some peasant bread to use as bowls and serve it up to the family. Should be awesome.